The Road So Far…Saving, Hunting, The Family Biz: Funtime Pop Quiz

SUPERNATURAL POP QUIZ I thought it would be fun to have a quiz, let's see how well you remember the show. As a starter I'll start the quiz, but this is the fun part.. If you think of good one, Feel Free to comment and play along. RULES All Questions can be in any category,... Continue Reading →


Dissecting facial expressions – S8 Torn and Frayed?

Dissecting Torn and Frayed Season 8. Facial Expressions.

Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Five

Season Five was nuts. It was a patchwork of meta, fury, dorkiness, vengeance, addiction, parodies and tragedy. And that shouldn't work, but it does. (And you better appreciate this. I cried just getting the Swan Song screencaps. That shit is potent.) 1. Swan Song The epic love story of Sam and Dean is encapsulated here.... Continue Reading →


Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Four

Come on in, ladies, the water's warm. Posts like this are made to provoke discussion. Be provoked. 1. When The Levee Breaks An odd choice, perhaps, but JP is wonderful in the Sam-centric penultimate episode. The entire thing is a pile of chilhood fears and suspicions. There's one moment in particular where Sam is hallucinating... Continue Reading →


Closing the gates of hell … Link above ... Looking forward to next weeks episode when I haven't seen this weeks yet is a good sign. Having seen a brief clip of next weeks episode spoilers ahead ***** Kevin has deciphered the words from god on the hell tablet. Dean is well chuffed with Kevin's words and seems up beat... Continue Reading →


Benny – Is he to be trusted or not?

I seem to be picking up mixed messages from around the net, saying the tide has turned that some fans are not convinced that Benny is whom he seems.  I began to question Sam's actions from his first encounter with Benny, and thought long and hard about those actions.  As a fan of Sam's I... Continue Reading →


Could the boys relationship breakdown this season?

Is this where the boy's road is heading?  From the clips this week I've seen a distressed Sam angry with Dean for going solo, for a day.  Tension is brewing, it seems already, and I am not liking this thought that all is not hunky dory.  Could the relationship we all no and love, be on... Continue Reading →


Killing monsters or letting them live?

Is this the biggest question in the history of the show? Is the show being inconsistent in allowing rules for one case and rules for another. This weeks show has been no exception to the rule that the boys 'decided' to let the monster live. This has happened before on the show as others have... Continue Reading →


Could the angels be back causing havock?

After spending sometime today on the IMDB Supernatural board, and other blogs, I have been understanding that something else could be wrong with our boys. Since watching the episode Heartache this week, when Sam went to follow his dog running towards Amelia we reach a picnic scene.  It has been discussed how fake this scene... Continue Reading →


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