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On Supposed “Racialized Misogyny” In The s11 Trailer.

I just dipped into the hurt!Sam Tumblr community to check out my Hell trauma theory regarding the torture scenes in the trailer, and one of the first things I saw was a slowed-down gif of the bra-wearing Asian lady in the trailer. The gif was tagged 'racialized misogyny cw'. As you might expect, I have... Continue Reading →

The Road So Far…Saving, Hunting, The Family Biz: Funtime Pop Quiz

SUPERNATURAL POP QUIZ I thought it would be fun to have a quiz, let's see how well you remember the show. As a starter I'll start the quiz, but this is the fun part.. If you think of good one, Feel Free to comment and play along. RULES All Questions can be in any category,... Continue Reading →

Structure on this Blog?

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Up date on NEW Writers for this blog….

Updating readers about new writers....

Would YOU like to write for me on this Blog?

Would YOU like to write for me on this Blog? Yesterday I learnt of some sad news, that a close friend of mine whom started up Supernaturally Devoted almost two years ago, has decided to close the blog down. This came as quite a shock to me, as I went into this project with... Continue Reading →

Is Sam a dick since he’s become human?

I have read this thought around quite a bit lately, and wondered if my fellow bloggers noticed or felt that Sam has changed personality wise? Is this the real Sam now without any supernatural influences? Can Sam be so cold, and callous without any real feeling towards Dean that he almost wants to really hurt... Continue Reading →

Sam and Dean – filler fan questions?

   I seem to have hit a dead end and had a bit of bad writers block, I have to say this season is not thrilling me like it has. I hope by Christmas the meat of the show will be back. So my question today as a filler until I've seen the episode; What... Continue Reading →

Does Sam find it harder to interact with other characters?

Again another thread over on IMDb sparked my imagination. Which I must add has been puzzling me, for some time. The thread title in question: This show should be called 'everybody loves Dean'  The link From peoples views many notice that people seem to flock towards Dean and engage with him much more. Why have... Continue Reading →

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