This show is maturing and growing some BALLS!

nd I am loving season 11 and think it's the best that Carver has produced so far. I think this week's episode just goes to prove what a great writing team we have on board. I found myself once again on the edge of my seat thinking back to Appointment in Samarra S6. I have... Continue Reading →


Realizing when you’re brother has risen from the DEAD!

When you first tune into Supernatural and for me that's seven years back, what was one thing you actually noticed. That the brothers die a lot, and come back to life. This is fact, and very true!! Are the boys ever more surprised each time it happens, or is it now run of the mill,... Continue Reading →

Could Sam make a deal with Lucifer?

As the finale approaches this time next week, we will be wondering how it will all come together and pan out. By tradition we know almost predict that one brother will die. I have for months now wondered if Dean would turn the knife on himself since the blade is the only weapon that can... Continue Reading →

Dean’s Journey into Demon-hood?

Thinking back to 'First Born' and Dean meeting Cain I keep wondering what Dean's thoughts were when he decided to jump in and do a deal with Cain and transfer that Mark? What was Dean really thinking when he decided to think first and ask his usual questions later sort of style. The Dean we... Continue Reading →

Dean, the mark and …..

First this story line gripped me, now its kicking in, my thoughts are heading towards the finale and how this story line penultimately builds and where it leads our hero. Dean has been bestowed this magical gift which he has at his disposal. He first used the blade and wasn't use to its power and... Continue Reading →

Any new thoughts on season 9?

I really am drying up folks, so If I don't post for some days you no why.  All I can think of posting today is, have you had any more thoughts on season 9 and where it may be leading? I am becoming increasingly ratty as each day passes, as it feels further, and further... Continue Reading →

Crowley’s real status?

A thread posted today read.  I have been reading articles about this theory and I think there is some possibility to it, one of the theory's he is Samael a Archangel see below: My head still is in the same position that I still believe that Crowley is something more than the... Continue Reading →

Dean’s pray to Cas

Now this is why I love beautiful Dean/Jensen, his acting and attention to emotions. I can feel what he is trying to put across, and how he feels about Sam. Sam's suffering and how underneath, he knows his brother is not coping with the trials. Dean is one for carrying other people on his shoulders,... Continue Reading →

Bella’s own flashback record, as to what is wrong with Sam?

So many thoughts have flashed before my own mind to try to ascertain what might be going wrong on-screen.  Or deliberately going wrong on-screen for us to figure out what might have happened.  My detective head is working hard, working out the many theories which are being banded around the internet at this present moment.... Continue Reading →

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