Can the writers of Supernatural manage Sam’s depression properly? I found this article on Fan-sided their SPN Hunters page which often brings up some interesting topic's. Some fans think that the writers won't handle the topic well and just brush the surface with how Sam is really feeling. The show has covered Sam in a bad state and in a very bad place... Continue Reading →


Is Sam just using Jack?

Dean put two and two together as regards his own brother's motives towards the supposed evil spawn of Lucifer the Devil. Dean from the beginning as we know always sees trouble in black and white. Never sees the other side of the coin very often. Whereas Sam sees the potential in the situation, that he... Continue Reading →

Supernatural Season 13: Lost and Found

I was not as impressed with this episode, although that might have been because I expected something different, and the fact that it was kinda depressing, as everyone is dead. Anytime you’ve got Dean  praying for Crowley to return, you know you’re in a bad place. Part of it is that I didn’t know what... Continue Reading →


Mark Sheppard not returning.

I still feel raw after knowing about this from I cannot believe the way in which Crowley went. How he orchestrated the demise of Lucifer by trapping him inside the rift for eternity. Then put the blade into himself. It's not the first time we've seen a suicide on this show, but it still... Continue Reading →


Did the Alpha VAMP want to DIE??

This thought continues to go around in my head. I just had a gut feeling that they bought the actor Ricky Worthy back just to kill him off, for dramatic effect. But I am crying was his DEATH dramatic enough>?? I posted a thread up on that it seemed all too easy for a... Continue Reading →


Supernatural Season 12: Family Feud

I was sort of dreading the Gavin episode, but it turned out to not be so bad, even though the whole ghost hunting thing felt like an afterthought. I mean really?! Gavin's girlfriend is going to kill any teachers that wander into her orbit because she had some horrific experiences with one one time? There... Continue Reading →


Supernatural Season 12: Regarding Dean

The title is a callback to a movie from 1991, starring Harrison Ford, about a high priced, ambitious, lawyer, who finds the meaning of true happiness, after he loses his memory, after getting shot. I really enjoyed that movie, even though I don't think that's how memory loss actually works. But Harrison was really good... Continue Reading →


An end of season thank you.

I am as a person very lucky to have such a talented bunch writing for me. So the usual thank you goes to all of you who have worked hours and hours on your articles without pay, is just wow. My blog wasn't doing that well, and then  I thought ,after "Supernaturally Devoted" closed down,... Continue Reading →


That Battle that never happened!

Another season as passed us by, and what a year we've had. Its been a real journey trying to defeat Amara who was pissed at her brother for locking her up for eons. I loved Amara and what Emily Swallow bought, and even thought about Rob Benedict as God. He wasn't what I imagined GOD... Continue Reading →


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