Can the writers of Supernatural manage Sam’s depression properly? I found this article on Fan-sided their SPN Hunters page which often brings up some interesting topic's. Some fans think that the writers won't handle the topic well and just brush the surface with how Sam is really feeling. The show has covered Sam in a bad state and in a very bad place... Continue Reading →


This show is maturing and growing some BALLS!

nd I am loving season 11 and think it's the best that Carver has produced so far. I think this week's episode just goes to prove what a great writing team we have on board. I found myself once again on the edge of my seat thinking back to Appointment in Samarra S6. I have... Continue Reading →

Reasons why Michael could be ruined?

Michael is arguably the most powerful archangel, so why did he have such a hard time in the cage? According to Lucifer, Michael is now a ruined archangel. Of course, Lucifer could have been lying, and probably so, I want to focus on some reasons on why Michael could be ruined. Michael could have felt... Continue Reading →

Did DEATH take his own life?

I have felt this thought on more than one occasion and its just come back to me as I posted something on the board. I remembered Tessa dying, as she flung herself on the blade. Was this in fact suicide? Had Tessa had enough of the way the reapers were acting and going about their... Continue Reading →

Thinky things, to ponder!

I feel like Eric Clemons here, that I like to delve into the writers minds, and try and guess what they are trying to portray, and pass over to us the viewer. I love to ponder, and think about things in finer detail. And I guess that's one thing I missed when I suffered badly... Continue Reading →

The 10 Plagues of Egypt?

Pharaoh said he was a god, and Moses said he was an agent of God and Egypt had 10 Plagues.  The Fifth Plague killed cattle with anthrax, and the Sixth Plague brought boils down on people and the Ninth Plague brought thick darkness on Egypt. Sammy rescued Dean from The Mark, and Dean killed Death,... Continue Reading →

Why was the MARK named after CAIN??

Lightsaberboy on IMDb posed this question and it got me thinking too; what was the mark of Cain called before Cain? When he wasn't the original bearer of the mark. God entrusted the mark to Lucifer so why wasn't it called The Mark of LUCIFER? Since according to the story as told by Death in... Continue Reading →

Darkness is ‘sexy!’

First, let me say that I am not necessarily one who ‘reviews’ SPN episodes. I ride with the flow, and without looking ahead for ‘spoilers,’ I find it more fun to try to predict where our favourite show is going to take us next. If you’re reading most SPN blogs, you know how CRAZY episode... Continue Reading →

Realizing when you’re brother has risen from the DEAD!

When you first tune into Supernatural and for me that's seven years back, what was one thing you actually noticed. That the brothers die a lot, and come back to life. This is fact, and very true!! Are the boys ever more surprised each time it happens, or is it now run of the mill,... Continue Reading →

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