The Lawrence Burn House was a curse to Dean.  He swore he would never go back, but Sammy had a dream about people in danger at that house and used his puppy dog eyes.   So they left and Dean drove back to Lawrence.  So then he slipped away at the gas station and phoned his... Continue Reading →



AA Members look at the podium ready to listen to their two newest members. AA DIRECTOR:  I would like to welcome two new members tonight to Alcohols Anonymous. Two brothers are here with us to share their life experiences and become new members of our family.  Allow me to introduce Dean and Sam Winchester.  I... Continue Reading →

***Big Sam **Spoilers** ahead do not read if you don’t want to know***

At the Dallas convention this weekend tweets are reporting that Jared says the demon blood is back! Yikes. A  friend over on IMDb Pondlass1 posted this today.... Am I surprised....!!! NO! Here's why. I never really thought that Sam was cured from the demon blood during the trials post S8. He never completed the trials... Continue Reading →

The difference between Sam and Dean’s transformations.

Most seasons the brothers have both struggled with monsters in their real world that they had to go out and face together. For example like Dick Roman and the Leviathan's, Azazel, Lilith, The Mother of all, the Alpha's and so on. Most of which were heavy on monsters. Threatening, foreboding creatures that took an age... Continue Reading →

Sam and Crowley just an observation?

Sam was born human and the rest of the story we know that when he was six months old Azazel came and bled his blood into Sam's mouth. We also know that Crowley was once human turned demon and now has human blood within him again. So Sam was human addicted to demon blood, and... Continue Reading →

Is Sam a dick since he’s become human?

I have read this thought around quite a bit lately, and wondered if my fellow bloggers noticed or felt that Sam has changed personality wise? Is this the real Sam now without any supernatural influences? Can Sam be so cold, and callous without any real feeling towards Dean that he almost wants to really hurt... Continue Reading →

The Mark of Cain?

This mark is driving me up the wall. I have recently read debbab's article on Supernaturally Devoted (brilliant by the way) which has really got me thinking hard. Crowley lead Dean right up the garden path having known about the blade to kill Abaddon for years. He's setting Dean up in a big way but... Continue Reading →

Sam and Dean what would they ask Santa for at Christmas?

This got me thinking a lot since we've only ever had one Supernatural Christmas episode. So with a big wish list what would be at the top of the boys list. The one present that Santa would grant? Any thoughts ..... A wish for himself and a wish for Dean! Sam: I think Sam's ultimate... Continue Reading →

When was Sam last really, actually Sam?

Once again my inspiration has found something in a thread over on IMDb. The heading really made me think, and think hard. If I am totally honest I found this easy to call as Sam wouldn't have remembered it. He had six months of normality before YED come onto the scene and bled into his... Continue Reading →


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