Is Sam turning to his spiritual side?

After seeing the trailer and reading bits here and there, it appears that Sam is trying to contact God to help them put the darkness back. Since he feels guilty about releasing it, and God fort to put the Darkness back behind that lock. It stands to reason as to where he's going with this?... Continue Reading →


Why is Sam finding it SO hard to forgive?

Sam tells Ed that there are somethings that you can forgive, and some that you can't and that he basically has to make that choice for himself. So what is Sam still beating himself up over that he can't so easily walk past. I can understand why Sam feels so helpless in the fact that we... Continue Reading →

Life AFTER Kevin!!

Just written this piece for Supernaturally Devoted thought I'd share it with my angels too! Happy reading not long to go now only four days!! So how has this story line really gone down? Sam was in a coma after not completing the trials, and became ill for all his trouble in trying to close... Continue Reading →

Plots with a similar feel?

There was something bugging me about the whole Gadriel/lies thing and I've twigged it - it's the conversation Sam had with Dean about his soul in Appointment in Samarra. It's like an action replay - and we know how well that turned out. This is surely going to raise its ugly head as part of... Continue Reading →

So we suspect Ezekiel is up to no good?

So with many replies I receive from all of you here, and from what I read on forums it has become clear that Zeke is not the guy that we thought he was. Steaming on from the weeks that have past, and the obvious motives why Zeke pops out of Sam, is nine times out... Continue Reading →

Where do they intend to go with Ezekiel?

This week Zeke laid low and didn't appear, for whatever reason. Maybe he was re-charging his batteries.  Now into episode six we only have another three weeks before the Christmas hiatus. So do the writers propose to take this chapter into the new year? My suspicions tell me that they have another cliff-hanger for the winter... Continue Reading →

Why Sam loves Dean more than anything in the world?

I found this post over on IMDb this morning and I have to say it bought it all home to me loud and clear that Sam truly does love Dean and has done his best in the past to save him come what may. The writing also bought me to tears, and moved me. So... Continue Reading →

Why is it taking Ezekiel so long in healing Sam?

When I think back to Cas healing Sam at the end of 7 x 17 he takes on Lucifer and sucks him into himself without hesitation. Cas is briefly left behind by Dean in the hospital as he's still slightly out of sorts. So Cas really didn't take so long in healing a very sick,... Continue Reading →

Dean Is the key this season?

I've still not seen it yet as I have problems with my computer which is so annoying. But my imagination is rolling. I put up a thread today about Ezekiel and expressed an opinion that this subject has been talked about to death. But something keeps niggling at me. I have heard about Cas dying... Continue Reading →

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