Happy 3rd Birthday BLOG!!!

Time to POP that cork and raise a class to this dear friend A BLOG DEVOTED TO SUPERANTURAL!! You have all helped turn this blog around, and am eternally grateful for the hours as writers and readers to this happy space you have all put in. Some have been with me since day 1 and... Continue Reading →



Honourable, protected Wife, Mother, Matron of the House, Keeper of Tradition, had been a ritual sacrificed—burning on the ceiling altar engulfed in fire, gutted to serve the Yellow Eyed Demon--- a holocaust sacrifice. Honourable  Husband, Father, Defender, had dishonored his name, as well as his Mate turning his offspring into orphans, forever out cast into... Continue Reading →

The Family portrait, what secrets does it really hold?

During Carver's reign has seen the boys go to darker places, but fundamentally in his favour has always bought the boys back to the beginning 'family' and what really matters. Family is at its core and there is NO getting away from this. 'Brother's Keeper' proved that a photograph of their family group bought Dean back... Continue Reading →


Blog Rules!

This Blog has been running for almost three years, and during this time we have never had an argument. We have become close, and have a real feeling of family. Since more of you are writing on the blog, and more posters are posting in this community, may I ask that you keep arguments at... Continue Reading →


Sam and Dean: Brothers in Arms Debbab at a crossroad

Hello SPN family, Let me say that I am thrilled that Bella wants me to continue my writing about Supernatural, the T.V. show, for this blog, Sam and Dean Brothers in Arms. As Debbab, I had the opportunity to contribute to Lou's blog and always appreciated the feedback to my thoughts and the discussion that... Continue Reading →


Hunting and Normality could this actually work?

Can this fit in with the boys every day lives.  One yearns for the family and normality of life, the laid back image without the stress of the hunt.  The other is in full combat, military feel who yearns for the hunt, and couldn't ever visage being without a hunt in his daily life.  My... Continue Reading →



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