Is Metatron writing the new Winchester Gospel?

A new poster here yesterday popped this thought into my head, so I hope she doesn’t mind me talking about her idea as I think its superb. I am also jealous I didn’t think of it myself;) Could Metatron be┬ábehind everything. He is writing a new gospel in which the Winchesters are not supposed to be the heroes as he said himself. That is why Sam did not look for Dean, he could not as Metatron did write it so, that is why the scenes with Amelia were so unreal, dreamlike, Metatron did not know any better as he knew … Continue reading Is Metatron writing the new Winchester Gospel?

Dean’s sexual orientations?

This in the past has come up and has been featured in many an episode. But have sensed that Dean is curious about the opposite sex, but feels his heart is soulley with women. But have however, enjoyed the notion that the writers seem to play with this concept and allow us into Dean’s private thoughts about the opposite sex. So as fans if many of us assume this why are there some that suppose otherwise. Dean and Cas is another grey area which is a hard topic to sense, but to me there is a bond, but never will … Continue reading Dean’s sexual orientations?

So, Sam and Amelia

Now as we’ve talked a bit more about Sam’s year away from Dean. And come to some conclusion that Sam was living a fantasy life and it was all a smoke screen to block out his other manifestations? Can we assume that Sam and Amelia were off for a reason now? Can we finally understand where the actors where coming from, and why there was no chemistry between the couple? I think it was the line that Sam made, “what is it you want me to say it was all a mistake, ” helped us see that Sam felt he … Continue reading So, Sam and Amelia