Sam’s anti-possession tatoo and untapped powers.

So what do you think it means when you see photos of Jared sporting Sam's anti-possession tattoo between shots? Flashbacks ahead for sure since it was burned off so Crowley could possess Sam and do a Poughkepsie on Sam from Gadreel. I would love to see the writers bring forward something unknown about Sam's powers... Continue Reading →


No one EVER puts Baby in the corner.

I thought I had to include some spoilery  information, which I have no doubts that some of you may ready all be aware. That a whole episode DEVOTED to BABY the Impala and Robbie Thompson is penning it all! Jensen Ackles recently posted some way off wrecked photos of Baby, in a very miserable state.... Continue Reading →

What do you really feel about FLASHBACKS?

Most of the time until today, when I started re-watching season 8 that FLASHBACKS really do have a meaning. Up until this point I thought to be honest, they were a pain in the ass!! They annoyed the hell out of me, as I thought they were not giving much away. But then I came... Continue Reading →

Is it all about the souls AGAIN!

Sam had flashbacks if you recall in this episode and he found evidence of souls being used on a mass scale. It was interesting to see a call back to the past and is this for a reason? Are the writers re-visiting old plots again to re-design them into something else entirely for Season 9?... Continue Reading →

Was season 8 in two parts for you?

Now often reading the forum as I do most days, I began to pick up on a few pointers again about season 8. Whilst walking down memory lane, I began to think did the season feel like two halves, like episodes 1-10 and 10-23. Did the season feel like a whole to you? This season... Continue Reading →

Another little theory on Sam, are the pieces finally coming together?

Since searching the net again I have found some more fascinating information.  I have never found so much knowledge out there on this footage my mind is boggling.  What I have since found on tumblr and other places that Amelia is fake and the dog is not. Because Dean smelt it in the car.  Sam... Continue Reading →

What did we think of ‘Blood Brothers’

8-9.5 out of 10 Yes, I did love the episode and think this is Supernatural at the top of its game. I love Benny's heart-felt story about his lover and his maker, and how mature Benny came across.  I think he is a good accett to have on the show. I hope he will last.... Continue Reading →

What is up with Sam’s attitude?

I can't work it out, since I saw that clip last week for this episode coming up, he practically jumps down Dean's throat for walking out on the job, then all the way through talking to Dean on the phone he is so mad.  Why?  This seems to be tugging at my heart-strings this morning.... Continue Reading →

What are we hoping ‘Blood Brothers’ will reveal?

I think that the fat will hit the fire tomorrow. From the clips I've already seen Sam is fired up to boiling point about Dean taking this so-called occasional day off.  What secret is he keeping back from Sam, and why is Sam so mad. I am hoping the episode is going to reveal the... Continue Reading →

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