The Road So Far…Saving, Hunting, The Family Business. “Angels”

I've been asked by Bella to do a Family Tree kind of thing. I actually thought of doing that anyway, but I want to hopscotch around and go wherever my thoughts lead. I noticed lkeke35 requested anyone, someone to do a piece on Cas.  OMG did that get my attention. I thought great balls of... Continue Reading →


Could Metatron be behind it all?

I think tomorrow something drastic is going to happen. I keep seeing certain pictures of Dean talking with Metatron and Crowley. Is Dean going to become that stabby happy that we assume he won't be able to stop the urges that Metatron takes Dean hostage. There has been talk of Metatron wanting a new suit... Continue Reading →

What are your hopes for season 9

Still not having seen the finale, it got me thinking about season 9 now more than ever. What do we as a group really want. If we had that wish list that we could all contribute to what would this dream list include.  Here are my thoughts below. More brotherly bonding and less fighting  Cas... Continue Reading →

What will happen to the Tablets?

It got me thinking about when the trials have been completed what will actually happen to A) the person who served his time completing the trial and B) the Tablets themselves. We have an idea what is happening to Sam, and since this last episode I presume now that Castiel is performing the Heaven trials to my... Continue Reading →

Dean isn’t affect by the tablets?

Naomi has been interfering with a lot of Characters and we still don't no to what extent. Cas has been controlled by Naomi since he came back from Purgatory possibly even previous to this. When Cas departed in "Goodbye Stranger" he left Dean a message to contend with. I am keeping this tablet away from... Continue Reading →

What game is Naomi playing?

Did Naomi plant Benny in Purgatory to keep an eye on Dean? Was it her army standing outside Sam’s cabin that night? I felt all along that Benny was up to no good, to lure Dean into his web, and act all innocent. Do we know this for sure? Is Purgatory also a figment of... Continue Reading →

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