The Letter ‘I’

When Lucifer sternly said ' No I in TEAM Castiel remember that!'? Now Biblical names kept rolling around in my head that a huge number of angel names contain that letter 'I' Lucifer Castiel Ariel Zachariah Michael Gabriel Ezekiel Can you think of any others? My point is was their something significant in what Lucifer... Continue Reading →


That Battle that never happened!

Another season as passed us by, and what a year we've had. Its been a real journey trying to defeat Amara who was pissed at her brother for locking her up for eons. I loved Amara and what Emily Swallow bought, and even thought about Rob Benedict as God. He wasn't what I imagined GOD... Continue Reading →


How does Castiel compare to real angels? Did you ever wonder? How do all those angels dance on the head of a pin?  Would Cas twirling about in his trench coat knock another angel off? Nope, angels are spirit and will and all the heavenly host can be anywhere, everywhere at once and still be... Continue Reading →


Do the Winchesters believe?

The Winchesters often only have faith in themselves when facing a big bad. Dean in the early years, made it clear that he did not believe in a higher power. In "Faith" the miracle that he will pray for a sick woman is miracle enough for her, but where is Dean's true belief? In "Houses... Continue Reading →


What part has Metatron had to play in the grand scheme of things?

I can't stop thinking about Crowley, but a thought crossed my mind about Metatron, and what part he's had to play in all this. When you think what disruption he's caused to all the angels and how he's stripped them of their home and the place they are used to being in. The disturbance he's... Continue Reading →


Why does Sam still, so desperately want to die? In the clip for this week Sam mentions again that he wants to die. We know how miserable Sam has been for a while now. Over loosing Amelia and the way his life has panned out. But why does he really so desperately want to end it all, still after what Dean said to... Continue Reading →


Where do they intend to go with Ezekiel?

This week Zeke laid low and didn't appear, for whatever reason. Maybe he was re-charging his batteries.  Now into episode six we only have another three weeks before the Christmas hiatus. So do the writers propose to take this chapter into the new year? My suspicions tell me that they have another cliff-hanger for the winter... Continue Reading →


Dean Is the key this season?

I've still not seen it yet as I have problems with my computer which is so annoying. But my imagination is rolling. I put up a thread today about Ezekiel and expressed an opinion that this subject has been talked about to death. But something keeps niggling at me. I have heard about Cas dying... Continue Reading →


Season 9 where do we see it heading?

With only two episodes in are we any near to what might be happening down the line. As things stand its looking pretty awesome if this frame continues. The last episode had so much going for it in a good, positive way. New characters are also coming into the fold nicely and finding their acting... Continue Reading →


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