Is Metatron writing the new Winchester Gospel?

A new poster here yesterday popped this thought into my head, so I hope she doesn’t mind me talking about her idea as I think its superb. I am also jealous I didn’t think of it myself;) Could Metatron be┬ábehind everything. He is writing a new gospel in which the Winchesters are not supposed to be the heroes as he said himself. That is why Sam did not look for Dean, he could not as Metatron did write it so, that is why the scenes with Amelia were so unreal, dreamlike, Metatron did not know any better as he knew … Continue reading Is Metatron writing the new Winchester Gospel?

The old Sam debate is on-going once again?

So do the writers on this show really plug Sam’s character and really make it all about Sam? I can see this to a degree that since season 3 Sam has had a lot wrong with him. Seasons 1-3 he was very different from what he clearly is now. Do we see a changed man, do we see and sense a man whom has no feeling for anyone very much. The fandom is in a state, and what can really change this rift, about how many really feel about Sam. Are our heroes split down the middle, and still not … Continue reading The old Sam debate is on-going once again?

The past and present?

I am beginning to feel a pattern when viewing later episodes, and going back and re-watching earlier episodes. I found myself moaning about the writers which I guess we are all guilty of at one time or another. I think the writers are really doing their home work and re-visiting the past and being true to our boys. I didn’t like to admit Sam’s anger and mood swings this season, I felt he was so strongly out of character as did many of us. But once I begin my rewind summer viewing schedule I was surprised at what I had … Continue reading The past and present?