Hell-hounds, has it been worth keeping them invisible?

Many Supernatural creatures have shown their true colours to us. Not many remain invisible to our naked eyes. Has this been the magic behind our Supernatural writers, letting our imaginations run wild allowing our mind to visualize them and then in later seasons we were blessed in meeting them in person due to the goggle... Continue Reading →


Mirror, Mirror on the wall?

There have been a number of times on shows where mirrors have been seen to be used particularly in fantasy shows and have often been very creative in their technical flair. One thing that stood out to me in this weeks episode was the USE of Mirrors and the effective ways in which they were... Continue Reading →

Why don’t you do us all a favor and pick a bloody side!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=115AfSlqWRo CROWLEY: Dean! How did it go? DEAN: Fine. Fine. Uh... He's dead, and you're right --I-I feel amazing. CROWLEY: “He”? DEAN: Uh, Lester. CROWLEY: The client? You killed the client? DEAN: Does it matter? He was a douche. Now he's a dead douche. CROWLEY: Of course it matters! The deal was one dead wife for one soul. The wife's not dead,... Continue Reading →


Could Dean be faking it to get to the blade?

On IMDb discussions are taking place that is Dean faking being cured, to find the blade? I noticed and hoped others did that his eyes un-glossed when Sam injected the last needle into Dean. So I took it from this that Dean wasn't faking it. Some are suggesting that Cas could see Dean's true form... Continue Reading →


Are there any distinct differences between the brothers?

Many of us watch the show because we love both brothers or one brother more than the other. So Over the years and this evening being a rather special night moving forward into season 10, how do you really see the brothers? A question I feel I have thought about for sometime now, and wonder... Continue Reading →


What will it mean for Dean to loose his humanity?

On this show Death has happened to our heroes a few times now, and we've come to expect that our main heroes at some point come back to life. Its a done deal! In the past Sam has come back to life, and Azazel threatened Dean did your brother come back 100% Sam. Had death... Continue Reading →


Sam and Crowley just an observation?

Sam was born human and the rest of the story we know that when he was six months old Azazel came and bled his blood into Sam's mouth. We also know that Crowley was once human turned demon and now has human blood within him again. So Sam was human addicted to demon blood, and... Continue Reading →


Life AFTER Kevin!!

Just written this piece for Supernaturally Devoted thought I'd share it with my angels too! Happy reading not long to go now only four days!! So how has this story line really gone down? Sam was in a coma after not completing the trials, and became ill for all his trouble in trying to close... Continue Reading →


Sam and Dean what would they ask Santa for at Christmas?

This got me thinking a lot since we've only ever had one Supernatural Christmas episode. So with a big wish list what would be at the top of the boys list. The one present that Santa would grant? Any thoughts ..... A wish for himself and a wish for Dean! Sam: I think Sam's ultimate... Continue Reading →



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