Corbin attempting murder on SAM?

Yesterday I put up a post on IMDb about this subject and still felt a little confused with the whole writing of this scene. What were the writers trying to portray and what were they trying to tell us? This show loves parallels and could see those between Sam and Michelle and Dean and Corbin. I've... Continue Reading →



When Sanskrit was written in India, Sumer was too young to be Babylon in Iraq, Egyptians were pondering if their Pharaoh would like a Pyramid on the Plains of Giza, Amara meant immortal. Rome was just seven hills and Romans were herding sheep by the Tiber. The West was yet to be born and the... Continue Reading →

Weekend At Bobby’s : On the Nature of Friends

The team of Rufus and Bobby is one of my favorites. We didn't get to see nearly as much of them as we should, but at least got some small reconciliation, just before Bobby's death. Weekend at Bobby's title is a shout out to the movie Weekend at Bernie's, where two teenagers have to deal... Continue Reading →


Hunting for Faith by Riseofthefallenone & PappCave

Hunting for Faith by Riseofthefallenone and PappCave is a Destiel Reverse Universe fic. Riseofthefallenone and Papp have written a few fics together which are beautifully illustrated and I will leave all the links that you would need. Archive of Our Own Rating- 5/5 stars Goodreads Pages- 814 (ebook) Riseofthefallenone (tumblr) PappCave (tumblr illustrations) The story... Continue Reading →



Green eyes are unusual, unique and rare, uniquely rare.  Out of the human population of 7 billion there are only 14 million people with green eyes scattered among all races.  Dwindling the number further is that hues range from jade to emerald green.  Added another factor is that most of these lovely eyes adorn women.... Continue Reading →


Life AFTER Kevin!!

Just written this piece for Supernaturally Devoted thought I'd share it with my angels too! Happy reading not long to go now only four days!! So how has this story line really gone down? Sam was in a coma after not completing the trials, and became ill for all his trouble in trying to close... Continue Reading →


Sam’s Room – My wish was granted!

I put up a piece on Supernaturally Devoted yesterday about the boys rooms, and what a home really means to them. Thought you might like to read it here too. Since those early days we as the audience have been overwhelmed by these boys’ lives and shed many a tear along the way. We felt... Continue Reading →


My take on episode 9.04 …..

I had mixed feelings about the episode, but I think overall I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, and above all the story telling. I love the 1935 black and white imagery and the finding of the key and where the key lead us too. The introduction of the hunters was interestingly told and sadly... Continue Reading →


Remember Annie Hawkins?

Annie Hawkins (RIP) Name Annie Hawkins Actor Jamie Luner Dates  ????-2012 (killed by Whitman Van Ness) Location Bodega Bay, California Occupation Hunter Episode(s) 7.19 Of Grave Importance History Annie is a hunter, in her mid-thirties. She works on her own, and has no family. She is a friend to Bobby, Dean and Sam, and in fact... Continue Reading →


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