Congratulations to Jensen and Daneel Ackles

Its been confirmed by professional sources that Jensen and Daneel are having 'TWINS!' A boy and another wee girl to keep JJ company. The blog here would love to congratulate the couple and reports are hinting babies will be born this DECEMBER. Lets raise a class and say WOW! Written and published by: Bella... Continue Reading →


Greetings, my name is Louisa

AkA Beowulfxox on-line and I was first introduced to Supernatural because my husband had viewed online previews about two ghost hunting brothers. He was immediately intrigued and enthralled by older brother, Dean Winchester. We sat down to watch The Pilot and my first response was “Who’s playing the Dad, he’s magnificent.” My intrigue with the tragic... Continue Reading →

Jensen Ackles singing at VanCon 2015

Jensen guest performing Lynyrd Skynyrd'd 'Simple Man' with Louden Swain and with Mark Sheppard on Drums and Richard Speight Jnr on Electric Guitar on  29th of August, 2015 at the Saturday Night Special evening event. The audience appeared to be loving the rendition from Season 5 episode 'Free to be you and me'. This for a... Continue Reading →

No one EVER puts Baby in the corner.

I thought I had to include some spoilery  information, which I have no doubts that some of you may ready all be aware. That a whole episode DEVOTED to BABY the Impala and Robbie Thompson is penning it all! Jensen Ackles recently posted some way off wrecked photos of Baby, in a very miserable state.... Continue Reading →

Jensen Ackles on the Winchester podcast radio – Interview

Some of you may have already seen this, but seeing it in print makes it easier to understand what was initially said. Some interesting stuff about the mark of Cain, the relationship and how its affecting Dean himself and Sam. Other stuff has cropped up, so let me know your thoughts. Its a long, long... Continue Reading →

Top Billing on Supernatural?

Over the years over on IMDb this question often pops up. Now I am often surprised in the answers that come back. But this year surprised me in the replies. One mentioned that its down to Jared's agent that he is billed first. As I didn't realize that agents have that power to demand their... Continue Reading →

New Interview of Huffington Post with Jeremy Carver (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Three episodes remain in Season 8 of "Supernatural," and as we approach the finale, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will meet Metatron (Curtis Armstrong), face the final trial and, presumably, be caught in a showdown with Crowley (Mark Sheppard), Naomi (Amanda Tapping), or both. All in a day's work for our long-suffering Winchesters.... Continue Reading →

Be my eyes and ears gang?

Not seen the show yet. So thought I put it out to you and see if you can relay what happened to me. Someone who's not seen the episode. I've read snow's recap on IMDb so have an idea but not completed reading all the replies. So I'm not sure of the ending. Grandpa arrives through the... Continue Reading →

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