Austin City Limits music festival J2 spotted having fun!

Jared, Jensen, Gen and Danneel have all attended on both days together and have been seen out at the 'Austin City Limits Music Festival' this weekend. They have seen the Foo Fighters, Sturgil Simpson and others and have been photographed with a large number of fans, some picks included below.... Its also very interesting to... Continue Reading →


Sam is crying in the finale?

First off sorry for neglecting you guys I have not been well with my poorly old back, but am edging towards our finale with trepidation. I still haven't seen last weeks Stair way to Heaven so any comments on this episode from you all will be warmly received. I have been gathering some thoughts over... Continue Reading →

What I wasn’t sure about regarding ‘Bad Boys’

I had for sometime been hoping for an insight into Dean's past. As to me Dean always had a tendency to get up to no good. Even though his heart generally is in the right place, I couldn't help but think that Dean had ended up inside for some reason. I just wondered why the... Continue Reading →


Top Billing on Supernatural?

Over the years over on IMDb this question often pops up. Now I am often surprised in the answers that come back. But this year surprised me in the replies. One mentioned that its down to Jared's agent that he is billed first. As I didn't realize that agents have that power to demand their... Continue Reading →


New promo photo material released? d%20Wallpapers/Supernatural+-+Season+9+-+First+Look+Promotional+Poster .jpg.php 42278582508992&type=1I've been waiting for these for so long, it hurts. Now there here am I slightly disappointed! The promo poster feels as though its been photo shopped to make it look as though someone has painted it. Not sure why Sam is looking down, and what Crowley is holding in his hand.... Continue Reading →


Wish List for season 9 – Dear writers and Crew!

  Short essay tonight folks I'm drying up on questions.  I always have this thought in the back of my mind that the writers and crew read our boards. I know on a rare occasion Jim Beaver has on IMDb and signed his name JB. So on the hunch that they might or to dream... Continue Reading →


Congratulations Jensen and Danneell

We had to celebrate the birth of our little bundle of joy. Another name beginning with the letter J in our Supernatural family. Jensen is known as 'J' and his daughter now JJ boy this will be confusing for him. So lets raise a class or two to Jensen, Danneel and little Justice Jay JJ... Continue Reading →


What do we admire about our actors?

On IMDb a thread sparked my imagination once again, and thought my little angels would love this topic today. Its one to really get our teeth into. The title is who is the better actor? Jensen or Jared. Now I actually posted a comment, saying "These threads never end well, do people ever learn!" Since... Continue Reading →


What do you think the “sacrifice” of the title refers to?

The Supernatural season finale is coming up on May 15, and it looks to be an epic showdown between the boys and Crowley! Read on for the first spoiler details from the CW for “Sacrifice.” With Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) poised to undo all the good they've ever done as hunters, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) find themselves... Continue Reading →


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