It all started as a game on the SUPERNATURAL set. The director was Phil Sgriccia. He crew was working on Everybody Loves a Clown (2.02 ) Sgricca placed two folding chairs together and when the boys arrived Sgriccia pointed out the empty chairs. Then he said to Jensen, "Sam hates clowns, which chair do... Continue Reading →


Okay, I can see where all this is heading now?

Sam started to have visions, and we were not sure WHY? Sam put two and two together and thought it might be GOD trying to contact him, but he doesn't know why? We see pictures of Sam's visions and him being tortured. But we are not sure where this is, might be HELL? Or Could... Continue Reading →

Greetings, my name is Louisa

AkA Beowulfxox on-line and I was first introduced to Supernatural because my husband had viewed online previews about two ghost hunting brothers. He was immediately intrigued and enthralled by older brother, Dean Winchester. We sat down to watch The Pilot and my first response was “Who’s playing the Dad, he’s magnificent.” My intrigue with the tragic... Continue Reading →


John Winchester OR Bobby Singer who do you consider the better father? ……..

This will be an interesting project to see whom comes out on top as regards parenting skills, raising issues, home life, role model, companion, knowledge/wisdom, safety, abandonment issues, social skills, awareness, teaching skills, contribution to the boys welfare, any other issues that you might come up with on route of this exercise. So list from... Continue Reading →



Honourable, protected Wife, Mother, Matron of the House, Keeper of Tradition, had been a ritual sacrificed—burning on the ceiling altar engulfed in fire, gutted to serve the Yellow Eyed Demon--- a holocaust sacrifice. Honourable  Husband, Father, Defender, had dishonored his name, as well as his Mate turning his offspring into orphans, forever out cast into... Continue Reading →


ALIENS – Exodus 2:22 I have been a sojourner in a strange land. Mother burned on the ceiling turning father, elder son and baby sojourners.  Newly cursed the shattered family became nomads ever moving.  How many times has Sam and Dean watch homes roll by home snug with drives that lead to their door and stopped?  How many... Continue Reading →


Dean’s authority over Sam?

Now having read many a thread across on IMDb this one the other day sparked my imagination. I kept thinking about this a lot and was mulling it over quite a bit. Dean Throwing Punches was the thread title. As siblings this relationship is a rather difficult call. It's not very often you come across a... Continue Reading →


What I wasn’t sure about regarding ‘Bad Boys’

I had for sometime been hoping for an insight into Dean's past. As to me Dean always had a tendency to get up to no good. Even though his heart generally is in the right place, I couldn't help but think that Dean had ended up inside for some reason. I just wondered why the... Continue Reading →


How do we see Bobby Singer Now?

I get how so many fans love Bobby, and how warmed they are to the guy, and what love he brings the boys way. So what do we really no about Bobby Singer. How well does he go down with you, and what do you feel he bought to the show? My beef has always... Continue Reading →


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