Your own feelings about this show?

Today is a very special day for us fans and the show. So I felt I had to put some ink on the paper and celebrate and designed a new blog banner especially for the occasion.  So how do you as a fan really feel about this triumphant milestone? So much has happened within 200 episodes and... Continue Reading →


I’m Proud of US/YOU?

I kept thinking about this line when Dean was dying and Sam was clutching Dean. It wasn't until I'd read an article on TWFB that it dawned on me that Sonny had said it to Dean during 'Bad Boys'. When reading this article it prompted me back to earlier seasons and thinking was, was this... Continue Reading →

The relationship is broken, according to Sam!

This is my article which I wrote for SPN join in with their comments too. Devoted. its taken me four days to compile with nights where I've tossed and turned over Sam's harsh words to Dean. This is what I have come up with looking at it from Sam's point of view.  You may not... Continue Reading →


If you can’t save him?

We all no that the final episode of the show is a long way a way. But many a time you all must do the same thing, and think I wonder how this will all end?  Ever since John whispered in Dean's ear, 'if you can't save him, kill him'. Is this the writers intentions all... Continue Reading →


Was Naomi telling the truth?

It got me thinking this season ever since I viewed Naomi telling Dean and Cas that it was always gods intention that Sam were the sacrifice he was meant to die. Why had God planned this for Sam, what in particular had Sam got that he was so important to god in the first place.... Continue Reading →


Men of LETTERS ……

In this week's Supernatural episode, Sam and Dean Winchester learned that they are legacies, born with a connection to the "Men of Letters," a secret organization that keeps meticulous record of the supernatural world. As they discovered in the episode, they have the key to a secret hide-out bunker which will now serve as a standing home... Continue Reading →


A new HOME base for the Winchesters?

Yes, apparently this is true from Robert Singer's mouth. The boys make plans to lock away the key in the safest place on Earth, will see this next Wednesday. "It's really a stunning set, describes Singer, "It's full of mysteries. It'll become kind of a new home base for the boys, we're really excited about... Continue Reading →


The Brothers relationship – What are the writers up to? Highlight the link copy and paste the link into your inter-net browser address bar. This exert below is a clip taken from Laura Prudom from the Huffington Post. She has delved deep in to the writers physic and analized the relationship from a fans perspective.  It is well thought through and does stand up.... Continue Reading →


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