Is Sam turning to his spiritual side?

After seeing the trailer and reading bits here and there, it appears that Sam is trying to contact God to help them put the darkness back. Since he feels guilty about releasing it, and God fort to put the Darkness back behind that lock. It stands to reason as to where he's going with this?... Continue Reading →


The Prophecy according to Cain?

As in Executioners Song, Cain reminded Dean of the future and what was about to   foreshadow him. And what Cain envisaged would fall onto the eldest Winchester that eventually he would kill Crowley, Castiel and then finally his brother Sam. So if this prediction is to come true, and judging by canon it is more... Continue Reading →

Your thoughts on season 9?

Not much really to talk about, as the season has come full circle on us, and are not far from hitching a ride with season 10 on this current road trip. So how do you all really feel about season 9 so far, and have your thoughts differed along the route? Living up to your... Continue Reading →

Heading towards the finale.

Here's my list - What else do you think might happen?  Dean going dark = tick Sam saving Dean = tick Cas saving Dean = tick Dean killing Abaddon without doubt = tick Dean killing Crowley = tick Crowley surviving = tick Metatron dying = tick Sam and Dean killing Gadreel together = tick Kevin... Continue Reading →

Jensen Ackles on the Winchester podcast radio – Interview

Some of you may have already seen this, but seeing it in print makes it easier to understand what was initially said. Some interesting stuff about the mark of Cain, the relationship and how its affecting Dean himself and Sam. Other stuff has cropped up, so let me know your thoughts. Its a long, long... Continue Reading →

Supernatural Episode 14 Captives.

So what did you all think, I want to know the ins and outs. I have heard good things about this episode so I have picked up on bits and pieces. Yeah, little old Kev's back and yes Crowley lied.... I also heard to my surprise there was a kidnap or two. So come on... Continue Reading →

Life AFTER Kevin!!

Just written this piece for Supernaturally Devoted thought I'd share it with my angels too! Happy reading not long to go now only four days!! So how has this story line really gone down? Sam was in a coma after not completing the trials, and became ill for all his trouble in trying to close... Continue Reading →

Who actually thumped Dean?

Who hit Dean in the store room when they were both in the Bunker. Was it actually Sam, or Gadreel? How long has Gad been acting as Sam. Since he overheard Dean and Kevin talking. Was it actually really Sam that Dean confessed to in the store cupboard. Or was he eavesdropping? Who was it... Continue Reading →

Does Metatron have his own hit man now?

The more I visualize this man, the more I dislike him and wonder what he's really all about. I have had my suspicions very early on and we agreed that he was up to no good. I have to give it to the guy he's such a professional actor, and if I were his second... Continue Reading →

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