The difference between Sam and Dean’s transformations.

Most seasons the brothers have both struggled with monsters in their real world that they had to go out and face together. For example like Dick Roman and the Leviathan's, Azazel, Lilith, The Mother of all, the Alpha's and so on. Most of which were heavy on monsters. Threatening, foreboding creatures that took an age... Continue Reading →


What was gods real motif regarding the Winchester brothers?

A couple of thoughts from early season 4?   Sam: Well then tell me what else it could have been Dean: Look all I know is I got out, and I was groped by an angel Sam: Look Dean why do you think this Castiel would lie to you about it Dean: Maybe cause... Continue Reading →

Why did Sam choose Ruby over Dean?

Okay, we have seen the finale, and looked into Sam a lot more, knowing how he feels about the choices he made in his life. So when we really analize what bugs Dean about the choices that Sam made, I think going with Ruby and siding with a demon over him was probably Dean's worst... Continue Reading →


The past and present?

I am beginning to feel a pattern when viewing later episodes, and going back and re-watching earlier episodes. I found myself moaning about the writers which I guess we are all guilty of at one time or another. I think the writers are really doing their home work and re-visiting the past and being true... Continue Reading →


So what did I think of the FINALE Season 8

I am on a high this afternoon. I am in such high spirits. It was wild, full of spirit and plenty of twists along the way. Here are my highlights and hates so here goes just like last week. What I liked: That lovely little Chapel out in the middle of no where and that... Continue Reading →


Predict who will die next on this show?

This show is called Supernatural and we new very early on what Death really means on this show.  Life doesn't last very long on this show, and we no the odd character has slipped through the net. The likes of Bobby have been a strong testament that a character can last, if he has enough story and... Continue Reading →


Sam’s time drinking Demon Blood?

Thought I'd start a topic on this, as it is developing in another thread, and thought it deserved some air time. I have always been fascinated by this area in Sam's story from the jump, I got who he was. How he saw himself, a freak of nature and rebelled against it so much. Eventually... Continue Reading →


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