Is it acceptable to be friends with a monster?

This we know became more apparent to us all during the beginning of season 8. When Sam's anger boiled over into something that we had not really seen before. In the light of events now, do we see why Sam boiled over and why he was so off with someone whom he thought was a... Continue Reading →


Benny, Martin and Elizabeth how did this really end? Now I have for sometime wondered who actually topped Martin? When I think long and hard about this, the way Benny laid his head on the bar giving Martin the wear with all to end him was in a position which looked awkward, to swing a knife, and lob Martin's head off. Now who's... Continue Reading →

Sam’s words to Dean in Torn and Frayed.

Dean: What did you expect Sam: Long drive? Dean: Well, I wouldn't have had to make it if you hadn't have hung up on me Sam: Well I heard all I needed to hear Dean: No, you heard what you wanted to hear, I told you Benny wasn't killing hell, I watched him in the... Continue Reading →

Sam’s behavior can we give a firm answer?

It seems Sam is getting a ticking off once again on the forum. Looking back how do we see what went down when Sam called in an unstable Martin to track Benny, was Sam's judgement all there when he called Martin in himself? He knew that Martin had just come out of hospital and told Dean... Continue Reading →

Tension is mounting – Is Benny going to survive?

Many of us have grown very found of our lovable Vampire Benny? Last week Sam let slip to Dean that Martin Creaser had been in touch.  The Hunter whom we saw in season 5 'Sam Interrupted. He wondered if Sam might have a lead for him to help break him back into the job gently.  Sam was adamant... Continue Reading →

How’s Dean going to feel

Really, when Sam asks Martin to track Benny? Do these writers ever learn, that angst doesn't always agree with these boys. It never ends well, and only puts up more barriers between them.  We've seen the boys go behind each others back's before.  Why don't the writers surprise us for once, and have the boys... Continue Reading →

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