Decade Part II: 10 Dazzling Demons

DECADE: A Supernatural Anniversary Series by VMOTD (Part II) PART II: 10 DAZZLING DEMONS Laurence, Kansas November 2nd, 1983 A demon enters the Winchesters' home. 10 years ago, the one we've come to know as Yellow Eyes graced our screens for the first time. Demons are the first monster of Supernatural and the subject of... Continue Reading →


Life AFTER Kevin!!

Just written this piece for Supernaturally Devoted thought I'd share it with my angels too! Happy reading not long to go now only four days!! So how has this story line really gone down? Sam was in a coma after not completing the trials, and became ill for all his trouble in trying to close... Continue Reading →

Any further thoughts on season 9 yet?

We still have a couple of months left of this hellatus, and is already driving me up the wall. At least our Living channel is now showing season 8, and we have back to back episodes to view once again. It so annoys me why we cannot watch the show along side the US air... Continue Reading →


When a demon is cured what happens to the soul of the person possessed?

This sparked my imagination for a thread after reading with interest on IMDb. I find it a fascinating subject, as I would love confirmation of the official answer, if any of you here no it. When a demon is cured what happens to the soul of the person possessed? Does that person cease to exist?  We talked... Continue Reading →


Cas attacking Dean in Goodbye Stranger A fight breaks out between Cas and Dean and Cas grabs Dean's left arm and twists it. Dean yells out in pain. The tablet shatters in to a thousand pieces. Dean cries again as Cas hurts Dean further. Scene goes outside to Crowley, Meg and Sam. Crowley: I believe their playing my song! Scene... Continue Reading →


Predict who will die next on this show?

This show is called Supernatural and we new very early on what Death really means on this show.  Life doesn't last very long on this show, and we no the odd character has slipped through the net. The likes of Bobby have been a strong testament that a character can last, if he has enough story and... Continue Reading →


Redemption, are character’s really truly redeemed?

A number of characters on this show have been good and written/turned evil. In some cases some have been easily lead astray by another person or circumstance. Some characters seem to learn from their mistakes. Others continue on regardless of the mistake, and continue to make them, or so it seems. To me if someone... Continue Reading →


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