What has happened to our ANGELS?

It shocked me to think that Zachariah was coming back to my favourite show, and one of my, if not my favourite angel. I remembered I was over the moon. No actor I thought could replace 'Kurt Fuller'. How he commanded his stage and script, and wowed us with his kick ass nastiness and new... Continue Reading →


Reasons why Michael could be ruined?

Michael is arguably the most powerful archangel, so why did he have such a hard time in the cage? According to Lucifer, Michael is now a ruined archangel. Of course, Lucifer could have been lying, and probably so, I want to focus on some reasons on why Michael could be ruined. Michael could have felt... Continue Reading →


Question after viewing Episode 4 of Season 11: “Will our heroes or anyone in real life for that matter, every really change?” Sam and Dean were quite clear in this episode called “Baby” in which the car was the main star. Sam remained optimistic, and held out hope that God would get involved or at... Continue Reading →


The Road So Far…Saving, Hunting, The Family Business. “Angels”

I've been asked by Bella to do a Family Tree kind of thing. I actually thought of doing that anyway, but I want to hopscotch around and go wherever my thoughts lead. I noticed lkeke35 requested anyone, someone to do a piece on Cas.  OMG did that get my attention. I thought great balls of... Continue Reading →


Sam and Dean could they be something Supernatural?

This thought has been playing with my mind for a long time. Am I okay with the idea, yes and no! So many thoughts lead me to believe that these boys are more than human beings? Shortly after or around 'Free to be you and me' season 5 we were informed that the boys were... Continue Reading →


Episode look at Season 5 ‘The End’

Synopsis It begins with a man trying to stop people and preach to them, Dean Winchester thought about being Michael's vessel when the man mentioned "God's plan". Dean went inside a hotel going to his room, where he spoke to Castiel about how the demons keeping the Colt made no sense. Castiel spoke about how finding the... Continue Reading →


What is the writing law on vessels?

A member on this blog bought up a good point today about the acceptance of a vessel. If for example the host who was playing host to Ruby2 when she had sex with Sam, this would be without that vessels consent.  We also look towards Adam who was a ghoul all the way along the... Continue Reading →


Found something interesting on Tumblr

A lot of these questions I've been pondering on myself and to see someone else spark an interest in my own thoughts spooked me. In particular Sam and Crowley. But reading through some of those notes, some I didn't agree on whilst others I so thought it was right. The only down side is no... Continue Reading →


Was Naomi telling the truth?

It got me thinking this season ever since I viewed Naomi telling Dean and Cas that it was always gods intention that Sam were the sacrifice he was meant to die. Why had God planned this for Sam, what in particular had Sam got that he was so important to god in the first place.... Continue Reading →



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