TERRIBLE: Sanskrit trasati “tremble”

Two times a sentence was spoken that might have been annoying or threatening, but not terrifying.  Which set of short words would literally leave you shaking? Is it Sammy or Dean? Listen to Sammy in - MY BLOODY VALENTINE:  "Wait your turn." Demon blood drunk Sam confronts two demons who want to have a little fun... Continue Reading →



Article for Book project on Supernatural

If it came to it, could Sam or Cas end Dean?

In Season 10 episode 3 'Soul Survivor '  CASTIEL: Sam, he’s not your brother. At least, not now. You have to be prepared for— SAM: Killing my brother. Dean asks Sam if he is prepared to do what needs to be done, if the cure doesn't work. DEAN: Who cares what you meant?! That line... Continue Reading →


Why is Cole coming back?

We had spoiler news today that Cole is making a return visit, but why? I've been thinking about this all day and also reminding myself of that end scene in 'Girls, Girls, Girls'. Cole still looked distraught, and at the time I did ponder on the thought, is this the last we will see of... Continue Reading →


The Damsel in Distress mode?

Or should I re-phrase the title and say the Brother in Distress. I've been a big fan of this show since mid-season four. As a viewer you begin to pick up on little traits which become ever increasingly popular with certain writers who enjoy putting a cast member in jeopardy for him to be saved... Continue Reading →


The final scene on Blood Brothers?

How did you decipher it, how did it come across to you? Was there much more to that scene than met the eye.  Did Sam perhaps no Benny, how sure was Sam that he sensed that Benny could have been bad news without ever having met him. Are Sam's instincts that accurate, according to this... Continue Reading →


Benny, How will he get on with Sam and Cas?

    Since we all know Benny is a Vampire. How is this whole thing going to sit with Sam and Cas.  Will they welcome a new friend with open arms, or will one or both of the boys dislike the guy intensely.  Will he rub Sam up the wrong way, as Sam judging by... Continue Reading →


Killing monsters or letting them live?

Is this the biggest question in the history of the show? Is the show being inconsistent in allowing rules for one case and rules for another. This weeks show has been no exception to the rule that the boys 'decided' to let the monster live. This has happened before on the show as others have... Continue Reading →


Dean, Does he enjoy killing in general?

Dean is the warrior, the real all out combat warrior who would fight, the fight without hesitation, and save the human life without regard for the monster.  He can kill a human with a demon inside the meat-suit. So my question today guys is does Dean enjoy the thrill of the KILL. It bought it... Continue Reading →



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