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Do the Winchesters believe?

The Winchesters often only have faith in themselves when facing a big bad. Dean in the early years, made it clear that he did not believe in a higher power. In "Faith" the miracle that he will pray for a sick woman is miracle enough for her, but where is Dean's true belief? In "Houses... Continue Reading →

Hello Everyone!

Hi everyone, My name is Lkeke35 and Bella has very kindly asked me to contribute to this site. I'm very excited about this. Some of you may know me from my own site, where I post about shows other than SPN. (What do y'mean other shows? There are no other shows!) (If you want to... Continue Reading →


The Mark of Cain?

This mark is driving me up the wall. I have recently read debbab's article on Supernaturally Devoted (brilliant by the way) which has really got me thinking hard. Crowley lead Dean right up the garden path having known about the blade to kill Abaddon for years. He's setting Dean up in a big way but... Continue Reading →


Burcon Tidbits, Dean Related …..

These are tidbits from someone who attended Burcon and was a part of the VIP M&G of Jared and Jensen, I suppose. They are originally from the twitter of  so says anonhaven so I guess that will help on how you wish to view them... if you are familiar with her at all. They aren't spoiler-y... Continue Reading →


Dean Is the key this season?

I've still not seen it yet as I have problems with my computer which is so annoying. But my imagination is rolling. I put up a thread today about Ezekiel and expressed an opinion that this subject has been talked about to death. But something keeps niggling at me. I have heard about Cas dying... Continue Reading →


Supernatural in relation to the Bible?

For as long as I can remember the show has had a good link to the Bible. Now how true this stems I have never been 100% sure on those facts. Whether the writers remained loyal to this transcript or made up their own version. Some fans say that the show follows the Old Testament... Continue Reading →


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