Who actually thumped Dean?

Who hit Dean in the store room when they were both in the Bunker. Was it actually Sam, or Gadreel? How long has Gad been acting as Sam. Since he overheard Dean and Kevin talking. Was it actually really Sam that Dean confessed to in the store cupboard. Or was he eavesdropping? Who was it... Continue Reading →


Why was Dean struggling over Cas? and who did Benny no topside?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eycUCP_WGdk Sam: Dean, What's going on? You alright? Dean: No. I just saw something, Sam: Um, you saw what? Dean: Cas, Sam: Cas, where? Dean: Right there, and then, then on the road earlier. I'm seeing him, Sam: That's not possible I mean, you said it yourself? You made it out and he didn't, Right?... Continue Reading →

Following on from the theme of perception

Re-winding back to the first half of the season how we saw this panning out. What was wrong with the first part of the season and what actually looked right with in. After our discussion yesterday my thoughts are progressing and working overtime. I want to flick back to Sam and Amelia. Face value was... Continue Reading →


Perception this season?

I have today put up a thread on IMDb about this subject, which is doing rather well, and they are coming up with some very interesting perception related topics. Some I had never even thought of. I decided to watch 8 x 01 this evening, and thought I have begun to forget stuff, so it... Continue Reading →


Its all about the PROGRAMMING?

Remember when Samandriel said its all about the programming, I know things even I didn't no. I have for a while thought that Cas is being controlled. The way they were torturing Samandriel and screwing those prongs into his skull, seemed barbaric but, was it for a reason. Crowley was wanting to know what made the angles tick. And... Continue Reading →


The Winchester Bloodline?

  Over on IMDB a thread titled May be Dean isn't a Winchester? Could this time travel 'Out of Time' episode next year hold a lot of information about the boys that they don't already no. Could Dean or Sam be half brothers or perhaps with the thought not even be brothers.  I remember myself... Continue Reading →


Do we have a good season in front of us?

They say with this show it comes in even numbers that we have a hell of a good season, could this be it?  Is this season really pushing your buttons. Is Jeremy on to a winner with his idea of perception? Can he really live up to the scenarios which are treading these forums and... Continue Reading →



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