Realizing when you’re brother has risen from the DEAD!

When you first tune into Supernatural and for me that's seven years back, what was one thing you actually noticed. That the brothers die a lot, and come back to life. This is fact, and very true!! Are the boys ever more surprised each time it happens, or is it now run of the mill,... Continue Reading →


Are there any distinct differences between the brothers?

Many of us watch the show because we love both brothers or one brother more than the other. So Over the years and this evening being a rather special night moving forward into season 10, how do you really see the brothers? A question I feel I have thought about for sometime now, and wonder... Continue Reading →

Difference between dark and bad?

An interesting topic came up regarding Dean's personality how the mark will affect his human traits. How far will it go in changing what Dean really is? Will his humanity be compromised at all? We've seen what evil Sam has endured over the seasons, and how dark he became. So I was just wondering how... Continue Reading →

Is Sam a dick since he’s become human?

I have read this thought around quite a bit lately, and wondered if my fellow bloggers noticed or felt that Sam has changed personality wise? Is this the real Sam now without any supernatural influences? Can Sam be so cold, and callous without any real feeling towards Dean that he almost wants to really hurt... Continue Reading →

Do both brothers feel they are freaks of nature?

Ever since the boys were raised the job has been their life. There¬†existence not knowing any different and being expected to toe the line and behave like warriors. Whether this was their personal choice or not. Could they in fact, when young not see any different. It was only as they matured and got older... Continue Reading →

What is up with Sam’s attitude?

I can't work it out, since I saw that clip last week for this episode coming up, he practically jumps down Dean's throat for walking out on the job, then all the way through talking to Dean on the phone he is so mad.¬† Why?¬† This seems to be tugging at my heart-strings this morning.... Continue Reading →

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