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 From the moment I saw the Swastika on my screen, I was torn between being excited because Germany played a role in it (even if it was just the Nazis), being annoyed because it was undoubtedly accompagnied by another thing: bad German. And French, for that matter. But, since there are enough reviews of the... Continue Reading →


Sam’s anti-possession tatoo and untapped powers.

So what do you think it means when you see photos of Jared sporting Sam's anti-possession tattoo between shots? Flashbacks ahead for sure since it was burned off so Crowley could possess Sam and do a Poughkepsie on Sam from Gadreel. I would love to see the writers bring forward something unknown about Sam's powers... Continue Reading →

The Prophecy according to Cain?

As in Executioners Song, Cain reminded Dean of the future and what was about to   foreshadow him. And what Cain envisaged would fall onto the eldest Winchester that eventually he would kill Crowley, Castiel and then finally his brother Sam. So if this prediction is to come true, and judging by canon it is more... Continue Reading →


The fear of being ALONE?

Sam: I was ready to die, I was ready. I should have died. But you, you didn’t want to be alone. That’s what this boils down to you can’t stand the thought of being alone. I’ll give you this much, you are certainly willing to do the sacrifice, as long as you’re not the one being... Continue Reading →


Lets talk Crowley!!

Since Sacrifice I would like us to talk about Crowley's human side. How much of demonic Crowley remains. We were talking before about Crowley FAKING it. If I go back to Sacrifice it makes me wonder if all of him turning human was fake to make Sam believe he was genuine. He was beginning to... Continue Reading →


Character GROWTH for Sam? A post which went up yesterday got me thinking. I could still sense that people are not happy with Sam and the way his character is progressing. Particularly through the first half of season 8. Even now into season 9 fans are upset as they know Sam will kick off at Dean and... Continue Reading →


If you can’t save him?

We all no that the final episode of the show is a long way a way. But many a time you all must do the same thing, and think I wonder how this will all end?  Ever since John whispered in Dean's ear, 'if you can't save him, kill him'. Is this the writers intentions all... Continue Reading →


Was Naomi telling the truth?

It got me thinking this season ever since I viewed Naomi telling Dean and Cas that it was always gods intention that Sam were the sacrifice he was meant to die. Why had God planned this for Sam, what in particular had Sam got that he was so important to god in the first place.... Continue Reading →


Could a life be sacrificed?

closing the gates of hell? Forums had the idea today that a life could be taken which will hint at Sam's when he continues to do the trials. He said to Dean its a suicide mission'. Is this to be taken literally? Will Sam have to take his own life to see the gates of hell permanently closed?... Continue Reading →


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