Hell-hounds, has it been worth keeping them invisible?

Many Supernatural creatures have shown their true colours to us. Not many remain invisible to our naked eyes. Has this been the magic behind our Supernatural writers, letting our imaginations run wild allowing our mind to visualize them and then in later seasons we were blessed in meeting them in person due to the goggle... Continue Reading →


Arch Angel Gabriel, theories on his resurrection?

After seeing a recent old clip from Season 5, my thoughts returned to Gabriel. I remember being informed by my old message board on IMDb when we often discussed such details that an angel is only dead when you see their fanned out black wings. Now Gabriel when he did die did show his black... Continue Reading →

So is ‘Wayward Sisters’ win for you?

I was trying to be very optimistic and up beat about the related spin-off of Supernatural. And slowly last night as I sat down to watch after reading many reports of it not being so popular I began to embrace it. It drew me in, and I found that it was encasing me and pulling... Continue Reading →


Why did Magda really have to DIE?

Are the boys becoming sloppy, was my first thought? Have they let too many cases go without finishing the job. Have they been lazy in leaving trails behind them? The question remains why did the boys NOT finish her OFF? The British Men of Letters, are obviously following the boys and are on their trail,... Continue Reading →


That Battle that never happened!

Another season as passed us by, and what a year we've had. Its been a real journey trying to defeat Amara who was pissed at her brother for locking her up for eons. I loved Amara and what Emily Swallow bought, and even thought about Rob Benedict as God. He wasn't what I imagined GOD... Continue Reading →


Is CHUCK really GOD?

Metatron said he was the only person who had ever seen God. But then rembering was this fact true when back in season 5 Anna said only 4 people had ever seen God as she wasn't one of them. Which is one point that still confusses me. My second is that I wonder and have... Continue Reading →


How would you like to see this show end?

One of the most popular questions which is often asked by a newbie on IMDb is how would you like to see the show end. So as a fun hiatus question I am leaving this one up to you folks. Please be creative and there are no prizes for the best entry. This is just... Continue Reading →


Cas’s decision to take on Lucifer?

Two episodes ago Lucifer escaped from the cage in Castiel's body. Many people, myself included, have wondered why Castiel of all people would say yes to the devil. After all, Castiel knows Lucifer better than anyone else who was present in the cage. He has witnessed first hand many of the awful things Lucifer has... Continue Reading →


The Great WINCHESTER Road Trip Book project ~News.

It is with regret that Lou has had to back out of the project for personal reasons, which has really affected me. Lou was my guiding light, and persuaded me to put my mind to paper and put this project back on the map. So I am very sorry to loose her from the team.... Continue Reading →



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