Did I think Sam was heading for a breakdown?

I seem to remember thinking back when these episode titles first came out. What this one might obviously be about. I remember someone mentioned about a car breaking down, which happened. We cracked that one! I did remember wondering if it would be either brother heading for a break down. I seem to recall that... Continue Reading →


Did the Alpha VAMP want to DIE??

This thought continues to go around in my head. I just had a gut feeling that they bought the actor Ricky Worthy back just to kill him off, for dramatic effect. But I am crying was his DEATH dramatic enough>?? I posted a thread up on MovieChat.org that it seemed all too easy for a... Continue Reading →

Supernatural : The Vessel

This episode was a lot less funny than I thought it would be. Like a lot of the  time travel episodes, I expected Dean to start quipping one liners at any moment, but he  played it straight, which gave the episode a level of gravity and pathos I was not expecting. The only snark he... Continue Reading →


Supernatural: The Devil in the Details

I can't often predict most of what happens on this show, because the writers like to confound me but there were several things I saw coming in this episode. That said, welcome to the review of tonight's episode and the end of our mid-season hiatus. Things start off a little confusing because we are in... Continue Reading →


XI : Winchester Brothers Report “The Family that Showers Together”

Supernatural has never allowed the Winchesters to truly be children. This show seems to delight in destroying childhood memories, even ours. It started before "Bedtime Stories", and now, teddy bears play Russian roulette, clown kill, fluffy rabbits are either cursed (well parts of them) or possessed, and in “Just My Imagination”, you come home to... Continue Reading →


XI : Winchester Brothers Report “What do you mean, killer bunny?”

A wise man once said, "And apparently, clowns kill." Sam was right in "Everybody Loves a Clown", and he is right again 9 years later. In "Plush", the monster's not a rakshasa, but it share a few similarities with it : a focus on children, and disturbing face disguises. After the Suicidal Teddy Bear, Supernatural... Continue Reading →


XI : Winchester Brothers Report “We Are Home”

11.04. "Baby." We've been waiting for her. The warrior, the hero, the guardian angel, Dean's girl, the Winchester's true home, the most important object in the world and let's be honest, the most beautiful girl this show has ever seen. Dean calls her Baby, some call her the Metallicar. I call her the Black Panther,... Continue Reading →


Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Ten

So first I must apologise for the extreme lateness of this post. Between Russian Revolution essays, Season Eleven, and screwing around on Tumblr, everything's gotten a little out of hand. 1. Fan Fiction Well, duh. To say that this is a meta episode doesn't come close to describing it. It's a lovely, melancholy catharsis, a... Continue Reading →


XI : Winchester Brothers Report “And I have a fake badge”

In episode 11.03, "The Bad Seed", the brothers try to help Castiel get rid of his attack dog spell problem, Rowena tries to make the Mega Coven happen, Amara empties "Uncle Crowley"'s pantry, she experiences a growth spurt and has a chat with the woman in the mirror. Directed by Jensen Ackles. Sam : research... Continue Reading →



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