Is Sam telling us the whole truth?

And WHY is Dean still annoyed with Sam, when Sam did his best to save Dean? Why did Dean need to bring it up? Was entrapping an innocent to lure out a demon, and killing a human host the worst thing Sam did when he was alone for six months, without Dean. What is Sam... Continue Reading →


I had an idea where this arc was going, did you?

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who remembered we both had a strong feeling where the story was heading. But I can't remember how far back I had begun to piece it all together. As you know many of you may remember how I felt about Sam not looking for Dean back in season... Continue Reading →

Do all the trails have a meaning?

I've been thinking about the trials a lot, wondering in fact if they are connected. Sam has performed two of the three and is about to take on the third. List as follows: 1. Kill a Hell-hound 2. Rescue an innocent soul from Hell 3. Heal someone Do these three trials actually have a connection.... Continue Reading →

Is Dean’s biggest FEAR loosing SAM?

It got me thinking about another thread, about the ending of the series all together. And I know this has been played to death over the seasons. But John's last dying words when he whispered in his sons ear on his bed in My time of dying, Season 2. We never as the audience heard... Continue Reading →

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