If Dean is cured?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and discussions have come out more or less the same. That if Sam does cure Demon Dean, Dean at the end of ‘Do you believe in miracles’ Metatron ends Dean. So in all tense and purposes Dean does not exist, he’s dead. His soul is twisted and still bears the Mark of Cain. So Sam has a mountain of work to think about. If Sam does cure him, how will the writers get around this one. What scenario will they think up to get Dean out of this hole? Leave him a … Continue reading If Dean is cured?

Why did Sam choose Ruby over Dean?

Okay, we have seen the finale, and looked into Sam a lot more, knowing how he feels about the choices he made in his life. So when we really analize what bugs Dean about the choices that Sam made, I think going with Ruby and siding with a demon over him was probably Dean’s worst possible nightmare come true! I no why it happened as the story has been told. ¬†A thread on IMDb once again sparked my imagination, and really thought about this whole scenario. Why did Sam actually make this choice above his brother, and go with a … Continue reading Why did Sam choose Ruby over Dean?

Could these trials separate the boys?

Just read something on line in a post and it got me thinking. Could the trials actually part the boys. Could this be possible. ¬†Closing the gates could put up more obstacles in the boys way, to see they don’t complete this task as some may not want the boys to succeed. (Crowley/Naomi) I had thought earlier that Sam may be sacrificed to close the gates. But this seems a bit extreme and more for a series finale than a mid one. I have however since thought as have others that Sam may need to close the gates from the … Continue reading Could these trials separate the boys?