The Road So Far…Saving, Hunting, The Family Biz: Funtime Pop Quiz

SUPERNATURAL POP QUIZ I thought it would be fun to have a quiz, let's see how well you remember the show. As a starter I'll start the quiz, but this is the fun part.. If you think of good one, Feel Free to comment and play along. RULES All Questions can be in any category,... Continue Reading →


Dog Days of Summer

SPN is on hiatus and new ideas are slow in developing for articles, so I apologize, but need to share random thoughts. Family isn't always perfect, but that's what holds us close. Here in the states, yesterday was National Dog day. August is also know as the dog days of summer because the stars in... Continue Reading →

Your thoughts on season 9?

Not much really to talk about, as the season has come full circle on us, and are not far from hitching a ride with season 10 on this current road trip. So how do you all really feel about season 9 so far, and have your thoughts differed along the route? Living up to your... Continue Reading →


Okay I’ve seen ‘First Born’

What did I think and what were my first impressions? I thought Cain was a great introduction, and I liked the writers filtering in the story of Cain and Abel and that it was a sad demise for Abel. I also noted how violent Cain was and how many people he had slaughtered for his... Continue Reading →


Character GROWTH for Sam? A post which went up yesterday got me thinking. I could still sense that people are not happy with Sam and the way his character is progressing. Particularly through the first half of season 8. Even now into season 9 fans are upset as they know Sam will kick off at Dean and... Continue Reading →


Season 9 where do we see it heading?

With only two episodes in are we any near to what might be happening down the line. As things stand its looking pretty awesome if this frame continues. The last episode had so much going for it in a good, positive way. New characters are also coming into the fold nicely and finding their acting... Continue Reading →


Season 9 Episode 1 – And Happy 1st Birthday BLOG!

As per usual I won't get to see the show until the weekend, Friday night at the earliest. So feel free tomorrow evening to vent your likes and dislikes here. I will be glued to my blog wondering what you all thought. I am on edge, and I am nervous and excited at the same... Continue Reading →


Any new thoughts on season 9?

I really am drying up folks, so If I don't post for some days you no why. ¬†All I can think of posting today is, have you had any more thoughts on season 9 and where it may be leading? I am becoming increasingly ratty as each day passes, as it feels further, and further... Continue Reading →


How do we see Bobby Singer Now?

I get how so many fans love Bobby, and how warmed they are to the guy, and what love he brings the boys way. So what do we really no about Bobby Singer. How well does he go down with you, and what do you feel he bought to the show? My beef has always... Continue Reading →


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