Wish List for season 9 – Dear writers and Crew!

  Short essay tonight folks I'm drying up on questions.  I always have this thought in the back of my mind that the writers and crew read our boards. I know on a rare occasion Jim Beaver has on IMDb and signed his name JB. So on the hunch that they might or to dream... Continue Reading →


The old Sam debate is on-going once again?

So do the writers on this show really plug Sam's character and really make it all about Sam? I can see this to a degree that since season 3 Sam has had a lot wrong with him. Seasons 1-3 he was very different from what he clearly is now. Do we see a changed man,... Continue Reading →

Is Dean’s biggest FEAR loosing SAM?

It got me thinking about another thread, about the ending of the series all together. And I know this has been played to death over the seasons. But John's last dying words when he whispered in his sons ear on his bed in My time of dying, Season 2. We never as the audience heard... Continue Reading →


The Damsel in Distress mode?

Or should I re-phrase the title and say the Brother in Distress. I've been a big fan of this show since mid-season four. As a viewer you begin to pick up on little traits which become ever increasingly popular with certain writers who enjoy putting a cast member in jeopardy for him to be saved... Continue Reading →


Do we have a good season in front of us?

They say with this show it comes in even numbers that we have a hell of a good season, could this be it?  Is this season really pushing your buttons. Is Jeremy on to a winner with his idea of perception? Can he really live up to the scenarios which are treading these forums and... Continue Reading →


Kevin and Mrs Tran, Do we love or not really care for them?

How do we actually feel about these two additions to the season this year? Thanks to Bea for bringing this to my attention that some don't really take to them, so hope Bea doesn't mind me using this thought for a new post. What thoughts do you all have if a question was thrown out... Continue Reading →


Could the boys relationship breakdown this season?

Is this where the boy's road is heading?  From the clips this week I've seen a distressed Sam angry with Dean for going solo, for a day.  Tension is brewing, it seems already, and I am not liking this thought that all is not hunky dory.  Could the relationship we all no and love, be on... Continue Reading →



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