Official Trailer for Season 11

If you can here me GOD we need you're help, this is my fault and I don't know how to fix it? I love the title card, this looks really COOL! New Poster also out for Season 11 - Enjoy! Let me know what you think of the NEW official trailer, this is the first tease we've... Continue Reading →


First impressions of Sam’s knowledge in finding out the truth?

This has probably been on most of our minds when Sam eventually finds out what's been going on behind his back. Only having seen two clips on you-tube I was so pleased with the end clip in many ways. I think that the writers had listened to us, and told the story in a meaningful... Continue Reading →

I wouldn’t like to be Dean right now?

So having still not seen this episode yet, I find out that our Dean is not so popular and appears to be a dick once again. Fans are thinking that the writers are writing Dean bad to make up for Sam looking a dick last year. The more I think about what Jeremy and Bob... Continue Reading →


‘I’m no Angel’

So as you no I've not seen this episode and won't until Friday. So as the usual rounds go, give me all the highs and the lows and the in-between's. And don't skimp on any spoilers I will take it as it comes. Is the tension of the episode keeping you entertained, is it still... Continue Reading →


What did we think of ‘Blood Brothers’

8-9.5 out of 10 Yes, I did love the episode and think this is Supernatural at the top of its game. I love Benny's heart-felt story about his lover and his maker, and how mature Benny came across.  I think he is a good accett to have on the show. I hope he will last.... Continue Reading →


Sam, Dean, Benny and Cas is there trouble in store?

Spoilers have led us to believe that this season Cas will confide in Sam regarding Dean and Benny's relationship.  Is this a good thing that finally these two boys are getting along and respecting each other.  They have one thing in common the welfare of Dean.  Cas is showing concern, as he's not convinced I guess,... Continue Reading →


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