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I am now beginning to get bad writers block and at times I find that I can't fight it. So because you guys are so loyal to me I thought of an idea to keep us going. I have a feeling where most of the show is going so I am drying up. I hope... Continue Reading →


Questions about season 10?

I thought this blog entry might be a little different, I thought about putting questions to you guys and see how YOU answer them. I adored the last episode and there were so many highlights. I think the episode had to go to Jensen and Tim! They were dynamite!! It was a FULL 10 from... Continue Reading →

Why was Sam such a prick?

I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner, but something bugged me about this episode and that was when Crowley decides that he can't handle Dean and gives him back to Moose. Then Moose the twat hands the blade back to Crowley. Why oh why did Sam not dispose of it himself, or even... Continue Reading →


What will it mean for Dean to loose his humanity?

On this show Death has happened to our heroes a few times now, and we've come to expect that our main heroes at some point come back to life. Its a done deal! In the past Sam has come back to life, and Azazel threatened Dean did your brother come back 100% Sam. Had death... Continue Reading →


Difference between dark and bad?

An interesting topic came up regarding Dean's personality how the mark will affect his human traits. How far will it go in changing what Dean really is? Will his humanity be compromised at all? We've seen what evil Sam has endured over the seasons, and how dark he became. So I was just wondering how... Continue Reading →


Is it all about the souls AGAIN!

Sam had flashbacks if you recall in this episode and he found evidence of souls being used on a mass scale. It was interesting to see a call back to the past and is this for a reason? Are the writers re-visiting old plots again to re-design them into something else entirely for Season 9?... Continue Reading →


Dean, the mark and …..

First this story line gripped me, now its kicking in, my thoughts are heading towards the finale and how this story line penultimately builds and where it leads our hero. Dean has been bestowed this magical gift which he has at his disposal. He first used the blade and wasn't use to its power and... Continue Reading →


What will happen to the mark?

Since I've been thinking about the Mark of Cain, I began thinking about the mark's overall ending. How it will be removed from Dean, or will Dean have it on him permanently for ever and a day. I put a thread up asking this very question once he manages to kill Abaddon? What will happen to... Continue Reading →


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