Supernatural S11 Ep3 – Producer’s preview – Video Watch here and enjoy, especially the scenes from Sam to Dean saying its getting worse over Rowena's dog spell on Cas. The Boys track down Rowena and in the car she asks a question, this is priceless!! I love Rowena, and that RED dress she is showing off, WOW!! Cas's condition and Crowley brining in a gift... Continue Reading →


The influence of Cains mark OVER Dean?

This mark was given to Cain by Lucifer. There are only two possible scenarios in which Cain could receive this mark; either Lucifer touched him using a vessel or in his true form, somehow. The mark of Cain can only be worn by someone worthy, as explained by Cain. The conditions required to be considered... Continue Reading →

New promo photo material released? d%20Wallpapers/Supernatural+-+Season+9+-+First+Look+Promotional+Poster .jpg.php 42278582508992&type=1I've been waiting for these for so long, it hurts. Now there here am I slightly disappointed! The promo poster feels as though its been photo shopped to make it look as though someone has painted it. Not sure why Sam is looking down, and what Crowley is holding in his hand.... Continue Reading →

The past and present?

I am beginning to feel a pattern when viewing later episodes, and going back and re-watching earlier episodes. I found myself moaning about the writers which I guess we are all guilty of at one time or another. I think the writers are really doing their home work and re-visiting the past and being true... Continue Reading →

Angst – is it worth writing about if it only causes trouble?

After viewing 'Blood Brother' last night it really spooked me, how off both boys were with each other. How they almost always came to blows about something that was annoying them. The scene ended with Sam wanting to knife Benny and Dean's simple no head shake said it all. So if we are to examine... Continue Reading →

Does Crowley have a master plan up his sleeve?

Why has Crowley not sussed that the boys are venturing into hell, his territory? Why hasn't he twigged that Sam is even in his domain. I assume he's thinking things over in his lair. Supping a class of whiskey contemplating on what he should do. Or does he already have a master plan in place? I still have... Continue Reading →

Could these trials separate the boys?

Just read something on line in a post and it got me thinking. Could the trials actually part the boys. Could this be possible.  Closing the gates could put up more obstacles in the boys way, to see they don't complete this task as some may not want the boys to succeed. (Crowley/Naomi) I had... Continue Reading →

Supernatural’s three year arc?

With both Jared and Jensen having signed another two year contract we no pretty much after Jeremy has talked he has a three year plan up his sleeve. With this thought, how do you see the boys futures, how would you like to see those seasons all pan out.  Where can you see it lead.... Continue Reading →

The Tablets

Slowly more information is coming out about these mysterious tablets.  One thing I stumbled on yesterday was that could there be a tablet for everything, including humans. If there were a number of tablets could these tablets actually join together to make one huge message.  Is this what Naomi is trying to protect, why she... Continue Reading →

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