Cas’s decision to take on Lucifer?

Two episodes ago Lucifer escaped from the cage in Castiel's body. Many people, myself included, have wondered why Castiel of all people would say yes to the devil. After all, Castiel knows Lucifer better than anyone else who was present in the cage. He has witnessed first hand many of the awful things Lucifer has... Continue Reading →


The Darkness doesent seem to be evil ?

This little article came up on IMDb and was posted by Noblestromana in a thread with the above heading, who agreed with this writer on Tumblr. Its interesting because the writer goes back to the beginning and why Dean is important to The Darkness, and why she thinks she couldn't consume Dean's soul. Where The Darkness... Continue Reading →

Jared & Jensen’s take on God & the Darkness

  When asked if the boys could defeat the Darkness without God’s help, Jensen Ackles answered, “I don’t think they can.” But when Jared Padalecki was asked the same question, he revealed that there’s potential for God to actually hinder the brothers. JARED: “Whether or not the boys can fight the Darkness without God is... Continue Reading →

Did “Thin Lizzie” Make a Bold Statement?

So the latest episode of SPN spoke of, and to, our very souls! It might even have defined “The Darkness” for us. In this episode, Sam and Dean find themselves investigating murders that happened within a Lizzie Borden bed and breakfast museum. Turns out the whole place was a “tourist trap scam” as Dean called... Continue Reading →


Question after viewing Episode 4 of Season 11: “Will our heroes or anyone in real life for that matter, every really change?” Sam and Dean were quite clear in this episode called “Baby” in which the car was the main star. Sam remained optimistic, and held out hope that God would get involved or at... Continue Reading →

Supernatural : The Bad Seed

Oh Crowley, what hast thou done, now? It certainly seems as if Crowley has bitten off more than he can chew, in adopting Amara and trying to seduce her to his side of things, but Amara has plans of her own, which probably does not include Crowley's well being. Rowena is trying to seduce yet... Continue Reading →

A few more questions after Ep.3

After viewing episode 3 of season 11, I am left wondering what Darkness' end game is. If all the souls are consumed, where's the fun in eating them? It's kind of the reverse of the end game of the proposed apocalypse; Remember what Cas asked Dean at the end of season 5? "Do you want... Continue Reading →

Thinky things, to ponder!

I feel like Eric Clemons here, that I like to delve into the writers minds, and try and guess what they are trying to portray, and pass over to us the viewer. I love to ponder, and think about things in finer detail. And I guess that's one thing I missed when I suffered badly... Continue Reading →

Darkness is ‘sexy!’

First, let me say that I am not necessarily one who ‘reviews’ SPN episodes. I ride with the flow, and without looking ahead for ‘spoilers,’ I find it more fun to try to predict where our favourite show is going to take us next. If you’re reading most SPN blogs, you know how CRAZY episode... Continue Reading →

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