Supernatural : Baby

This was a highly enjoyable episode of Supernatural and will probably turn out to be one of my all- time favorite episodes for the entire season, something I hesitate to say because it's so early. We still have about twenty episodes to go, and yet... I was very looking forward to this episode, too. All... Continue Reading →


Supernatural S11 Ep3 – Producer’s preview – Video Watch here and enjoy, especially the scenes from Sam to Dean saying its getting worse over Rowena's dog spell on Cas. The Boys track down Rowena and in the car she asks a question, this is priceless!! I love Rowena, and that RED dress she is showing off, WOW!! Cas's condition and Crowley brining in a gift... Continue Reading →


Article for Book project on Supernatural


Dog Days of Summer

SPN is on hiatus and new ideas are slow in developing for articles, so I apologize, but need to share random thoughts. Family isn't always perfect, but that's what holds us close. Here in the states, yesterday was National Dog day. August is also know as the dog days of summer because the stars in... Continue Reading →


The Winchester’s essential Tool KIT?

In Homage to Baby in my post before last, I often wonder what the boys keep in the boot of The Impala. So as a little sort of test for fun, what items do you think the boys would carry. If we list weapons for example what and how many different types of weapons can... Continue Reading →


No one EVER puts Baby in the corner.

I thought I had to include some spoilery  information, which I have no doubts that some of you may ready all be aware. That a whole episode DEVOTED to BABY the Impala and Robbie Thompson is penning it all! Jensen Ackles recently posted some way off wrecked photos of Baby, in a very miserable state.... Continue Reading →


What is really Sam’s thing in life?

A piece of writing in a thread today got me thinking about this subject much more closely. Season 8 saw Sam take a u-turn and do something so unexpected or actually was it in character. When we look at Sam's history he's always wanted out of the family business when I remember Sam talking to... Continue Reading →


Episode look at – Season 3 ‘Mystery Spot’

Synopsis Sam wakes up in a motel room to Heat of the Moment by Asia where he finds Dean already up and getting dressed. Dean goes through a long and irritating morning bathroom routine, and they go to the local diner for breakfast. Sam tells him about a man that disappeared at the Broward County Mystery Spot.... Continue Reading →


So what did I think of the FINALE Season 8

I am on a high this afternoon. I am in such high spirits. It was wild, full of spirit and plenty of twists along the way. Here are my highlights and hates so here goes just like last week. What I liked: That lovely little Chapel out in the middle of no where and that... Continue Reading →


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