THE DARKNESS ~ What ever it takes.

The motto was a pledge among Winchester brothers that was deadly, and Sam and Dean knew it.  Slaying of monsters, death of friends, plunging the world to the onion paper thin edge of destruction, became a part of their Hunter's business.  One brother refused to leave the other brother dead no matter what else The... Continue Reading →


The Darkness doesent seem to be evil ?

This little article came up on IMDb and was posted by Noblestromana in a thread with the above heading, who agreed with this writer on Tumblr. Its interesting because the writer goes back to the beginning and why Dean is important to The Darkness, and why she thinks she couldn't consume Dean's soul. Where The Darkness... Continue Reading →

Does Dean still have the Mark?

Okay, this question has come up on IMDb in a thread I started yesterday, that Rowena didn't take all of the Mark away from Dean's arm. A bit like Sam when Gadreel left Sam's body he left some unwanted residue behind and Sam wanted to extract it and use it to track him. It has been... Continue Reading →

The Bearers of The Mark of Cain?

Castiel'sCat raised a good point in a thread on IMDb so hope she doesn't mind me discussing her thoughts here, as I thought it was interesting to expand on and look at all three sets of characters involved with bearing the Mark of Cain....   As for the Mark. Everyone said oh the Mark is evil... Continue Reading →

Thinky things, to ponder!

I feel like Eric Clemons here, that I like to delve into the writers minds, and try and guess what they are trying to portray, and pass over to us the viewer. I love to ponder, and think about things in finer detail. And I guess that's one thing I missed when I suffered badly... Continue Reading →

Why was the MARK named after CAIN??

Lightsaberboy on IMDb posed this question and it got me thinking too; what was the mark of Cain called before Cain? When he wasn't the original bearer of the mark. God entrusted the mark to Lucifer so why wasn't it called The Mark of LUCIFER? Since according to the story as told by Death in... Continue Reading →

XI : Winchester Brothers Report “We Broke It, We Bought It”

Supernatural is back, and I'm delighted to bring you my very first Winchester Report. Call it a recap/review/commentary with a focus on my favorite hunting duo. New season, new series (XI). The season 11 premiere opens with Dean, surrounded by a black, swirling storm. He sees a woman with her back turned to him. When... Continue Reading →

Could Sam make a deal with Lucifer?

As the finale approaches this time next week, we will be wondering how it will all come together and pan out. By tradition we know almost predict that one brother will die. I have for months now wondered if Dean would turn the knife on himself since the blade is the only weapon that can... Continue Reading →

The picture and discussion for today’s entry is from ….

I am now beginning to get bad writers block and at times I find that I can't fight it. So because you guys are so loyal to me I thought of an idea to keep us going. I have a feeling where most of the show is going so I am drying up. I hope... Continue Reading →

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