***Big Sam **Spoilers** ahead do not read if you don’t want to know***

At the Dallas convention this weekend tweets are reporting that Jared says the demon blood is back! Yikes. A  friend over on IMDb Pondlass1 posted this today.... Am I surprised....!!! NO! Here's why. I never really thought that Sam was cured from the demon blood during the trials post S8. He never completed the trials... Continue Reading →



Following Dean's mother death hope was all that Dean had.  This hope keep whacking and whacking and Dean bargained and fought and gave up and fought again and grieved. Hope hung on even when Sam died at Cold Oat, plunged to hell at Stull Cemetery, and withered after the Trials. When Dean's hope faced Sammy's declaration he had a brother no more hope just scorched, twisted into a... Continue Reading →

Is Sam a dick since he’s become human?

I have read this thought around quite a bit lately, and wondered if my fellow bloggers noticed or felt that Sam has changed personality wise? Is this the real Sam now without any supernatural influences? Can Sam be so cold, and callous without any real feeling towards Dean that he almost wants to really hurt... Continue Reading →


Is Crowley faking it?

Ever since that scene with Abaddon in 'Road Trip' and he let the boys escape out the kindness of his heart I thought did he teleport? Then in the clip for 'Blade Runners' we see Crowley trying to steal candy from a vending machine. Is this a deliberate front? We know the man is always... Continue Reading →


Why is Sam finding it SO hard to forgive?

Sam tells Ed that there are somethings that you can forgive, and some that you can't and that he basically has to make that choice for himself. So what is Sam still beating himself up over that he can't so easily walk past. I can understand why Sam feels so helpless in the fact that we... Continue Reading →


The Trials?

Having been watching season 8 again in the UK we have just reached the episode that was Taxi Driver. And a thought struck me. Since also watching Trial and Error I kept thinking about the trials and the weakness behind the trials. Killing a Hell-hound; Rescuing and innocent soul from hell, and curing a demon.... Continue Reading →


Found something interesting on Tumblr

A lot of these questions I've been pondering on myself and to see someone else spark an interest in my own thoughts spooked me. In particular Sam and Crowley. But reading through some of those notes, some I didn't agree on whilst others I so thought it was right. The only down side is no... Continue Reading →


Was Naomi telling the truth?

It got me thinking this season ever since I viewed Naomi telling Dean and Cas that it was always gods intention that Sam were the sacrifice he was meant to die. Why had God planned this for Sam, what in particular had Sam got that he was so important to god in the first place.... Continue Reading →



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