Is Mrs Tran still ALIVE?

Very quick question tonight folks, do you think Linda Tran is still alive, or did Crowley kill her off, or the writers have a plot hole on their hands, any thoughts ....


Why Sam loves Dean more than anything in the world?

I found this post over on IMDb this morning and I have to say it bought it all home to me loud and clear that Sam truly does love Dean and has done his best in the past to save him come what may. The writing also bought me to tears, and moved me. So... Continue Reading →

My take on episode 9.04 …..

I had mixed feelings about the episode, but I think overall I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, and above all the story telling. I love the 1935 black and white imagery and the finding of the key and where the key lead us too. The introduction of the hunters was interestingly told and sadly... Continue Reading →


Was making Cas human deliberate?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and thought was this a nifty little twist this season to bring in a new angel, and have Cas human so we don't have two powerful angels in camp? But for what initial, real purpose? These two men are closely connected celestial beings. Cas also vouched to... Continue Reading →


Brains and the Brawn?

I think that this has irked many of us wondering where these words really came from. As when I really begin to analyze these words, it begins to register with me that both boys are the brains and the brawn. I don't know what the writers were really playing at when they invented this did... Continue Reading →


What would you like to talk about?

Since there was no episode last night, my inspiration has dried up. It happens! I've thrown this out there before, is there something you would like to talk about.  What is on your mind about this season that you would like answered?  Put your thinking caps on and drop Aunty Bella a line.  Could you... Continue Reading →


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