A public apology….

It was bought to my attention yesterday by a poster that I am doing something wrong unknowingly. Let me explain! When I write my blog articles or even a thread post on this message board MOST of my thoughts genuinely come from my own mind, and I start writing and developing those thoughts for debate... Continue Reading →


Ruby remembering she was once human?

After my summer re-visit going over old haunts. I remember this little gem in the episode Maelleus Maleficarum, Season 3. In which a women's book club is really a cover for a murderous coven .... and Ruby has suspiciously accurate knowledge about how witches kill. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAAm5fka6vw This got me really thinking about her speech at... Continue Reading →

The boys in protection mode.

Throughout the seasons on Supernatural we have followed the lives of these brothers. Through their pain and sorrow, through their laughter and even tears. Since the boys having prepared themselves for the trials it came to my attention and has been mentioned on the forum today. I think we hit the nail on the head.... Continue Reading →

Is Dean’s biggest FEAR loosing SAM?

It got me thinking about another thread, about the ending of the series all together. And I know this has been played to death over the seasons. But John's last dying words when he whispered in his sons ear on his bed in My time of dying, Season 2. We never as the audience heard... Continue Reading →

Could the brothers be something else?

We have seen how this show has evolved over the years and, we the audience have come to an understanding that these boys have died and come back to life through horrible, imaginable circumstances. But does dieing on this show really hold water? I had briefly touched on this subject a while back over on... Continue Reading →

Could these trials separate the boys?

Just read something on line in a post and it got me thinking. Could the trials actually part the boys. Could this be possible. ¬†Closing the gates could put up more obstacles in the boys way, to see they don't complete this task as some may not want the boys to succeed. (Crowley/Naomi) I had... Continue Reading →

Jeremy has talked exclusively about Sam’s love Triangle and Dean’s Vampire friend.

http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/12/supernatural-ep-jeremy-carver-on-sams-love-triangle-and-deans-vampire-alliance.html I am so happy, this is gospel, Jeremy has informed us that: As for the theory that Sam's hell memories and damaged brain might be causing him to imagine Amelia entirely, Carver says answers are coming soon. "I know there's been chatter out there about were these flashbacks real, were they not -- I'm... Continue Reading →


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