Do you feel that Crowley has lost his way?

I just think with him teaming up with Cas, and hanging around with humans isn't doing much for his street cred? He seems to have lost his leadership skills a bit, and doesn't appear as fearless as he once did. I know he can turn it on when he has too. But at one time... Continue Reading →


So lets then talk about Sam’s worthlessness?

We know throughout the boys history they have both had issues to various degrees, and on different levels, and for very different reasons. So still with the thoughts of the season 8 finale we are still trying to examine Sams feelings in much more detail. I feel like a psychiatrist now but if this is... Continue Reading →

Any idea what the second trial might entail?

A very quick note tonight, a lot of discussion seems to be appearing about the second trial. Would any one have any idea what the second trial might actually entail? There is a brief clip out (link below) of Sam going into hell and seeing a body with a cap facing a wall. which many... Continue Reading →

How do we feel about Cas and angels?

Not put this out before, and thought why not. Hiatus time again, and thoughts seem to dry up. So may be regress a bit. So much has happened since season 4, and with Castiel came the best entrance many have said the show has ever seen. He walked into that barn, with grace, honor, professionalism... Continue Reading →

Is Dean’s biggest FEAR loosing SAM?

It got me thinking about another thread, about the ending of the series all together. And I know this has been played to death over the seasons. But John's last dying words when he whispered in his sons ear on his bed in My time of dying, Season 2. We never as the audience heard... Continue Reading →

How did we actually feel about Adam Winchester?

Many a thread has been started on different forums and thought I have been up in the air about this character for many a year. On the eve of the show returning tomorrow night I thought about putting my thoughts out to you guys. How do you feel about Adam the Winchesters half brother. I'm... Continue Reading →

What is up with Sam’s attitude?

I can't work it out, since I saw that clip last week for this episode coming up, he practically jumps down Dean's throat for walking out on the job, then all the way through talking to Dean on the phone he is so mad.  Why?  This seems to be tugging at my heart-strings this morning.... Continue Reading →

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