What do you keep sharp at your house?  Maybe you own a knife or a machete that can slice off the head of a vampire, or an arrowhead made for a cross bow bolt that will sink a good three inches into a monster's heart or lung. What do you keep under your pillow at... Continue Reading →


Was Sam Jealous or Angry over Dean in season 8?

Often the same topic continues to come up on the message board that season 8 wasn't a great season for Sam in general. And I must admit I tend to agree with this statement. But there is one nagging quote that still continues to play on my mind. Which is when Dean came back from... Continue Reading →

Benny – Is he to be trusted or not?

I seem to be picking up mixed messages from around the net, saying the tide has turned that some fans are not convinced that Benny is whom he seems.  I began to question Sam's actions from his first encounter with Benny, and thought long and hard about those actions.  As a fan of Sam's I... Continue Reading →

What do we really no about Benny?

And what is there still to uncover about Benny? I've never seen this guy act before I saw him on Supernatural. Last night I viewed him for the first time on something else, Arrow' girls this man is awesome.  He is oozing charisma by the buck-load.  He is very mature, and has sizzling good looks to boot. I am in... Continue Reading →

What are we hoping ‘Blood Brothers’ will reveal?

I think that the fat will hit the fire tomorrow. From the clips I've already seen Sam is fired up to boiling point about Dean taking this so-called occasional day off.  What secret is he keeping back from Sam, and why is Sam so mad. I am hoping the episode is going to reveal the... Continue Reading →

Benny, How will he get on with Sam and Cas?

    Since we all know Benny is a Vampire. How is this whole thing going to sit with Sam and Cas.  Will they welcome a new friend with open arms, or will one or both of the boys dislike the guy intensely.  Will he rub Sam up the wrong way, as Sam judging by... Continue Reading →

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