Supernatural : The Bad Seed

Oh Crowley, what hast thou done, now? It certainly seems as if Crowley has bitten off more than he can chew, in adopting Amara and trying to seduce her to his side of things, but Amara has plans of her own, which probably does not include Crowley's well being. Rowena is trying to seduce yet... Continue Reading →


TERRIBLE: Sanskrit trasati “tremble”

Two times a sentence was spoken that might have been annoying or threatening, but not terrifying.  Which set of short words would literally leave you shaking? Is it Sammy or Dean? Listen to Sammy in - MY BLOODY VALENTINE:  "Wait your turn." Demon blood drunk Sam confronts two demons who want to have a little fun... Continue Reading →

THE WINCHESTER BROTHER’S ROAD TRIP ~ Book Layout new material please read!

Book Layout revised Template! As promised I would get this up for those whom are involved with the making of this book and for those who have agreed to contribute to it. I have listed each sections below with a table of whom is doing what seasons. We EACH do the following on every episode review.... Continue Reading →


If you can’t save him?

We all no that the final episode of the show is a long way a way. But many a time you all must do the same thing, and think I wonder how this will all end?  Ever since John whispered in Dean's ear, 'if you can't save him, kill him'. Is this the writers intentions all... Continue Reading →


What do we really no about Kevin Tran?

Transcript from Superwiki: Kevin Tran is a teenager from Neighbor, Michigan. He was in advanced placement, and plays the cello. When the first tablet of the The word of God is unearthed, Kevin is hit by lightning and becomes a Prophet. The angel Hester refers to Kevin as "the sole keeper of the Word on Earth." Name: Kevin... Continue Reading →


Curing Demons?

Okay over the course of comic-con we heard the boys have Crowley (which we did no before) But we didn't no what the boys intend to do with Crowley. Now the boys have leverage who will get Crowley out of the Winchesters way? Who will actually be bothered if Crowley lives or dies, in the... Continue Reading →


A Deeper Look At Supernatural Season Eight Sam Winchester

Part 1: Part 2: I often read bits from the Winchester Family business and like their take. So last night I was up until 1.30 am mulling this lot over. Now, pieces have helped me to fathom links of season 8 out. See what you all think and lets talk season 8, from... Continue Reading →


Sam and the trials got me thinking about Dean?

Okay where do I start in all this haze. Last night in bed I had a wired thought creep over me, as some of us do. I wished I had written my thoughts down, but think I've remembered most of it, so here goes. We all seem to be heading in the right direction that... Continue Reading →


What do you think the “sacrifice” of the title refers to?

The Supernatural season finale is coming up on May 15, and it looks to be an epic showdown between the boys and Crowley! Read on for the first spoiler details from the CW for “Sacrifice.” With Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) poised to undo all the good they've ever done as hunters, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) find themselves... Continue Reading →


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