Sam and Dean According to Myers Briggs

I haven't been able to do reviews of the show for reasons of time and health, although I've been watching the episodes. Nevertheless, I fee like I should write something about the show, and I was inspired to write this because we can see the clear delineations in character between the two brothers, and how... Continue Reading →


Supernatural Season 12: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

As you can see, I've changed up my format a bit, to omit the recap. Recaps can be found all over the internet so, I thought I could maybe skip that and go right to my thoughts and feelings during certain moments. Also doing a recap takes longer than just writing a review. Okay, there's... Continue Reading →

Jared & Jensen’s take on God & the Darkness

  When asked if the boys could defeat the Darkness without God’s help, Jensen Ackles answered, “I don’t think they can.” But when Jared Padalecki was asked the same question, he revealed that there’s potential for God to actually hinder the brothers. JARED: “Whether or not the boys can fight the Darkness without God is... Continue Reading →


Episode 11.4 “Baby” an editorial

If you want a review with a play by play, please read Ikeke’s spot on review of “Baby” Cobbwebqueen has a good one as well. This entry is an editorial to express the joy of superb writing by Robbie Thompson and clever directing by Thomas J. Wright. And we needed this episode after 11.3’s disappointment.... Continue Reading →


Where do they intend to go with Ezekiel?

This week Zeke laid low and didn't appear, for whatever reason. Maybe he was re-charging his batteries.  Now into episode six we only have another three weeks before the Christmas hiatus. So do the writers propose to take this chapter into the new year? My suspicions tell me that they have another cliff-hanger for the winter... Continue Reading →


If there ain’t no you, then there ain’t no ME?

I love how we all try and work scenarios out here within our little family unit. Ever since Friday I can't get Dean's words to Sam out of my head. The more I think about this, the more I think why did Sam want to end it all in the first place. If these are... Continue Reading →


Supernatural’s three year arc?

With both Jared and Jensen having signed another two year contract we no pretty much after Jeremy has talked he has a three year plan up his sleeve. With this thought, how do you see the boys futures, how would you like to see those seasons all pan out.  Where can you see it lead.... Continue Reading →


How would we really feel about ……………

Amelia and a baby taking residence in the back seat of the IMPALA? shakes head noooooo -- Begs the question........  If this latest story of a pregnancy hits this show, I dread to think what fans will think. Is Naomi really planning a Winchester dynasty without anyone around them understanding what could be going on.... Continue Reading →


This new breed of Angels?

Who is Naomi, and where did she suddenly spring from? What rank of angel is she? How high up in this chain of angels does she come? Could this new breed be so much more powerful than the last?  Do they actually have a score to settle with previous angels? Some are saying she could... Continue Reading →


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