Supernatural Season 12: Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

I loved seeing the return of the twins from the episode Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox, from earlier this season. I was hoping to see them again because it was fun meeting them the first time, and we got a glimpse of their dynamic. They are just so adorable together. I loved the depiction... Continue Reading →


Supernatural Season 12: Regarding Dean

The title is a callback to a movie from 1991, starring Harrison Ford, about a high priced, ambitious, lawyer, who finds the meaning of true happiness, after he loses his memory, after getting shot. I really enjoyed that movie, even though I don't think that's how memory loss actually works. But Harrison was really good... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror on the wall?

There have been a number of times on shows where mirrors have been seen to be used particularly in fantasy shows and have often been very creative in their technical flair. One thing that stood out to me in this weeks episode was the USE of Mirrors and the effective ways in which they were... Continue Reading →


Take Blonde Rowena spelling an un-spelling Cas. Pointer her threatening finger-of-power at Dean just off the plane from his Hawaii Vacation got Rowena caught, blonde or no blonde disguise.  Dean does not fly.   Rowena should have said "this is a Dean trap" but Dean is just too cute in his Big Flower shirt and sunglasses. ... Continue Reading →

Man’s best friends with benefits?

Watching this in the UK this week, quick post for tonight run out of time. Any other thoughts on this episode. I got a number really didn't like it, but for what reason? Why was it one of the least favorite of the season, as I thought it had some cool tricks in it. Like... Continue Reading →

Episode Feedback guys?

As per, not seen the episode yet until Friday evening. Would love your feedback as to what you thought and what your feelings are. I am getting mixed reception on the forums rating the episode thread didn't give me much joy or hope that it was as good as the last three weeks have been.... Continue Reading →

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