Once again, A BIG Thank you!

Celebrating my 50th Birthday this weekend Valentines Day, and just wanted to say here a million thank you's for those who sent me some heartfelt birthday messages. I have had the most awesome weekend the highlight last night going to watch an Acapella group The Sons of Pitches (not BITCHES) with my best friend Jason... Continue Reading →


Blog Rules!

This Blog has been running for almost three years, and during this time we have never had an argument. We have become close, and have a real feeling of family. Since more of you are writing on the blog, and more posters are posting in this community, may I ask that you keep arguments at... Continue Reading →

Up date on NEW Writers for this blog….

Updating readers about new writers....


Times are a changing… Welcome to the Family!!

In my previous post I mentioned if people would like to write for me on this blog; A Blog Devoted to Supernatural. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been writing to various posters, some have accepted, some have sadly declined, and others are still deciding. So from those 18 messages sent I have... Continue Reading →


This seasons moans and groans.

I have been looking around the net, on various sites and comments box’s and it appears many are saying similar things. See what you think to my list and if you agree or disagree. I thought it would make an interesting discussion point. Here goes ..... - Demons are no longer scary ... Remember Azazel,... Continue Reading →


Supernatural in relation to the Bible?

For as long as I can remember the show has had a good link to the Bible. Now how true this stems I have never been 100% sure on those facts. Whether the writers remained loyal to this transcript or made up their own version. Some fans say that the show follows the Old Testament... Continue Reading →


Supernatural seasons?

Months go by and on forums newbies often ask what is your favorite season? Its often hard to narrow favorite episodes and seasons down. Particularly seasons 1-5 as it was a complete season arc which was what I always loved about this show in particular, that all the seasons cohesively meshed together. Which I found... Continue Reading →


Episode look at Season 5 ‘The End’

Synopsis It begins with a man trying to stop people and preach to them, Dean Winchester thought about being Michael's vessel when the man mentioned "God's plan". Dean went inside a hotel going to his room, where he spoke to Castiel about how the demons keeping the Colt made no sense. Castiel spoke about how finding the... Continue Reading →


It got me thinking about the past?

I as a fan never watched this show from the pilot, I cannot for the life of me think what planet I was on, to have missed this magical story unfold. Eight years of story telling is a long time for writers to go back and check their own history and keep it fresh and... Continue Reading →



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